Wish List Wednesday #65: Honey, Honey by Rebel Carter

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Title: Honey, Honey

Author: Rebel Carter

Release Date: August 25, 2021

Of All The Coffee Shops In New York City…


My name is Honey Martinez. I live in New York City. I make coffee. I’m not a fan of staying in any one place for too damn long. I have a simple life and a few friends. Nothing special, but that’s because I’ve made it that way. My life has been lived in the shadows of my past, and it’s a past I’ve worked hard to run from. Well, everything except for one place—The Cairn Club.

New York City’s most exclusive and luxe BDSM club. It is a playground I’ve thrived in, a place where I am known, desired, and indulged. The freedom of the Cairn Club sustains me through my mundane every day, but all of that changes when Lawson Sokolov enters my world.


She’s the woman I shouldn’t want, but from the second I see her, Honey is all that I need. She’s sweet, open, and trusting in a way the city eats up and spits out. Every Dominant instinct in my body demands I protect her, keep her close, and that’s exactly what I intend to do—even though a smarter man would run from Honey.

In a world like mine, there’s no room for softness and soft is all Honey calls up in me. She makes me weak, but it’s the like I never thought to experience, not after what I’ve done to get to where I am. I’ve got blood on my hands, but Honey’s smile, her touch, the woman’s slightest kiss washes it all away and makes me believe that I can be a man worth a damn again.

What will happen when this couple is caught up in the inner workings of the Cairn? When the all-powerful Zeus takes an interest in Honey and Lawson is asked to play the role of protector, her shield against the man that would see her fall? Will they fight their attraction, or will they take a leap of faith and give in to the kinkiest desires of their hearts and find their own brand of happiness as Daddy and Little?

Honey, Honey is for fans of Midnight Poppy Land and anyone that goes weak for a gruff hero going sweet over their heroine of choice. This novel a darkly sweet and steamy BDSM romance novel with age play, DDlg, spanking, dirty talk, restraints, impact play, and a creepy lurking ex. All sex is explicitly consensual and deliciously enjoyed by all involved. Read Honey, Honey, the first novel in the Cairn Series Duet, for an emotionally fulfilling, kinky, BDSM romance novel replete with a yummy HFN.

It’s full of many of my favorite kinks! I have high hopes!

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