Wish List Wednesday #58: The Wonder of Love by Meara Platt

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Title: The Wonder of Love

Author: Meara Platt

Release Date: August 19, 2021

She was in danger. He meant to protect her. But could he protect his heart?

More Regency fun as The Book of Love brings together two reluctant hearts.

Willow Farthingale never meant to punch Taunton’s magistrate, Shayne Brayden, in the nose. And she certainly did not set the fire that destroyed the coaching inn’s carriage house the very morning she was to leave for London and her society debut. But she might have seen who did, and now the handsome magistrate is not letting her out of his protection until the culprits are safely rounded up. Well, if he’s going to hold her in town under his watchful eye, then she may as well use the time productively and test out those love recipes in The Book of Love on him.

Shayne Brayden knew the fiery-haired Willow was trouble the moment he set eyes on her, but if she had seen the villains who set the carriage house fire, then it was possible they’d also seen her. He did not care how irritating she was, or how desperately he wanted to kiss her, he was going to do his duty and protect her.

But how was he to protect his heart, especially when she was toting that book on love around, and its ‘recipes’ seemed to be working on him?

This is the ELEVENTH book in the series! I just absolutely love the covers for all of the books, and the premise is super cute as well. Doesn’t everyone want a book that tells them exactly how to fall in love and actually makes it happen?

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2 responses to “Wish List Wednesday #58: The Wonder of Love by Meara Platt

  1. Oh wow 11 books in and I haven’t even heard of it (I don’t think). This book sounds great – are they all stand alone, with some character cross over (like most HR)?

    • Each book follows a cousin! Well, there’s two main families, but it focuses on the girls from one, and some of them happen to marry guy cousins from another family. Basically, they find this book and pass it amongst themselves to help each other find love! So they do standalone, but characters make cameos. I wrote in one my series reports to NOT binge this series, because the earlier books are very samey.

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