The Unreviewed Books of September 2021

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In September I read 34 books, and it was another month where I just wasn’t in a reviewing mood. So here are the 12 books that I won’t be posting on the blog about…

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First, I love these covers! Second, the premise of Black Sci-Fi from Black authors around the world was just awesome. Unfortunately, most of these are just okay. There’s a lot of ambitious concepts that simply do not work inside 30 pages. The Visit was wonderful though!

Just some French study! I generally love the For Dummies books and this one was great! Everyone learns differently, but this one made me really “get” French. I’m certainly not fluid, but I’m more confident about figuring it out.

Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun was super good! It was hard to read at times because Julian’s father is just so awful, but he has many more people who are there to support him as he comes out, gets his first boyfriend, and gets ready for college.

Iron Widow was so freaking cool! I wasn’t sure about it in the very beginning but I quickly got hooked. Then that ending freaking blew my mind! Why must we wait for the sequel?!

Like I mentioned in my last Sunday Post, I was one a video game viewing kick which somehow led to these. I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts, but it seems like something I would have been into.

This was a super sext re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood. Instead of the wolf bring the bad guy, there’s two of them and they want to eat Red in a different sort of way…

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