The Unreviewed Books of October 2022

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I essentially didn’t review anything in October. I have drafts for a few of these, so I might get to them, but generally, if I don’t review a book as soon as I finish, I never will. Of the 11 books I read last month, here are the 7 that I haven’t reviewed (yet).

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This was a pretty good novella following Cat and Denise after the ending of the series. It felt a little out of place, but I was all here for Denise being awesome like always.

I did enjoy each of these, and have draft reviews for them, so maybe I’ll review them this month. But if I don’t, I recommend them.

This series is just so fun and happy-making. A bit of brain candy.

My third read through of this one and I still love it. I still haven’t done a full KonMari tidying event, but I will someday!

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