The Unreviewed Books of July 2022

Posted August 1, 2022 by Angie in Monthly Recap / 2 Comments

So, in July I only read 7 books, but I did review 5 of them! These are the two that I just didn’t have much to say about for one reason or another.

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This was an interesting crash course on bisexuality, but as soon as I’d be really into a topic, the author would move on! I just took that to mean that we desperately need more books on these subjects to go even deeper.

A cute follow up to the first book, which is basically Japanese Princess Diaries. I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much, because it felt very jumpy and rushed.

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2 responses to “The Unreviewed Books of July 2022

  1. Yeah bisexuality is pitifully under represented and researched I feel like! Glad you found it interesting, even if it didn’t go as far as you would have liked.

    • The author brings up so much interesting research that has been done, but is definitely incomplete or just straight up erases bisexaulity. I need more!

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