The Unreviewed Books of February 2022

Posted March 1, 2022 by Angie in Monthly Recap / 2 Comments

In February I read 23 of books and here are the 4 that I won’t be reviewing or posting series reports for. I ended up doing much better than I did last month (82% reviewed versus 59%). Maybe I had more to say about the books? Or maybe I was just in a better reviewing mood? Is it because I read more series and plan to post one post for each rather than individual books reviews? Who knows?!

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I liked Last Strand, but I just had nothing to say about this series ender. It just ended. It was kind of weird, but it also worked in that weirdness.

I enjoy these series, but similarly, I don’t have much to say about them. I read them. I liked them. I moved on.

Some nonfiction for you! This one was really fun and interesting, but I don’t tend to review most of the nonfiction I read.

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2 responses to “The Unreviewed Books of February 2022

  1. So Elemental Assassin is complete now?? I don’t think I knew that! I read the first 5/6 and then stalled out, but have always wanted to catch up. Maybe I just need to binge the rest. How many books total? Sounds like the ending was a little lackluster though?

    • Yep, there are 19 main books, plus several novellas (I didn’t read most of them). The author’s note said this is the ending “for now” as she’s going to work on her other series and maybe come back to this one in the future. The ending was fine, but it took this weird capitalist tone that came out of nowhere.

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