The Unreviewed Books of August 2021

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In August I read 31 books and these are the 17 that I won’t be reviewing or posting series reports for. My focus for August was catching up with series and reading the oldest books on my to-read shelf and flooding my ear holes with French! I’d say it was a pretty successful reading month even if I reviewed less than half of my reads. Sometimes you just don’t have anything to say…

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It’s always fun to catch up with my favorite campers!

I just did not like these. I was hesitant to read A Chorus Rises, because while I did like the first one overall, I didn’t really love it. Naema’s cousin Courtney was the best thing about it. And the cover. As for The Conductors, I just didn’t care about any of the characters and was bored. The world-building in Wings of Ebony was just bad. Nothing made any sense, and I am a very world focused reader.

I really enjoyed both of these Nonfiction titles! The Animal Dialogues had been on my to-read since 2012, so it was about time I got to it! Yoke I got to as soon as my library got it in! Love Jessamyn!

These were just not quite what I was expecting. I liked them, but didn’t love them. Still worth a read though!

This one was good! I was unsure in the beginning, but then it all started coming together and was great!

I listened to a ton of French lesson audiobooks in August to prepare for my trip. All of them were helpful except for the All-Audio French. It was good for me to hear different voices repeating the same basic phrases in combination with using Rosetta Stone.

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