The Unreviewed Books of April 2021

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In March, I actually managed to write reviews for all 36 books that I read. I can’t say the same for April. Of the 36 books I also read last month, here are the 13 that I didn’t review for one reason or another. Mostly that I don’t always have something to say, and many of them I read during the 24 Hour Readathon, which I generally don’t stop to review those anyway.

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Some novellas. They were short. They were fun. They were sexy. Not much else to report on.

These were…okay. They’re fine. Nothing terrible. Nothing special. Just not exactly what I was expecting or hoping for.

Some interesting Nonfiction! I read a lot of self-help and spirituality based nonfiction and I’m starting to learn more toward the metaphysics and astrology side of things lately. Unfortunately, The Complete Guide To Astrology was not the complete guide to anything, which I should have realized at the page length (167).

Disappointing! I was so excited for this nerdy romance, but it was just blah. No chemistry, Weak plot. Just, blah.

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