Sunday Post #98: Wind, wind, go away!

Posted April 10, 2022 by Angie in Sunday Post / 10 Comments

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Last week started with another Night Huntress chat! It was the one I was most looking forward to, since it’s the only book in the series that I don’t like. It was super interesting to hear what everyone had to say about it. And it’s not too late to join us! We’re starting the spin-off series next!

Last week was also crazy windy! That wind just would not stop! And it was hot, reaching the high 80s! There was even a wild fire advisory yesterday. It was not a fun week weather wise. Bring back my perfect spring weather!

Even though it’s technically six weeks away, I can now say that my Disney World vacation is next month! And I just got even more excited last week when Disney announced that the newest ride, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, is opening on my last day there! It is my mission to ride it! Even if I have to wait in line for hours, I will do it. Medical condition allowing though. And character meet-n-greets will be back next week! My trip is going to be fun!

Speaking of fun, of course I bought some games! Marsupilami Hoobadventure caught my attention a few months ago when it was released. It finally went on sale, so I grabbed it, and absolutely adore it! It was too short though, as I beat it within a couple of hours. I also finally grabbed Pumpkin Jack, which couldn’t be anymore of a “me” game, at least I hope so. AND my mom asked me which game I want the very most, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and ordered it for me! YES! That should arrive on Tuesday!

And speaking of games, I mostly played Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin all week. That game is so addicting! And getting more and more addicting as I progress. I’m only about 19 hours into the game, with a lot to go, and I am enjoying every moment of it!

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10 responses to “Sunday Post #98: Wind, wind, go away!

  1. I saw they are allowing people to get close to Characters again. That is the part my kids like the best. I hope you have a great trip, can’t wait to see your pictures.

    I just got the Kirby game for my son for Easter. He is so excited for it. I have been playing a lot of the Sims lately, found a family that I am having fun with so I am hoping to get some long play with it.

    I hope you have a great week, Angie! Happy Reading! xx

    • I cannot wait to hug Goofy again!

      I always enjoyed looking at your Sims photos. I cannot get into TS4, but I love the way the game looks! So I hope you get to play and post some more!

  2. It was super windy here this past week too! It was crazy! It hasn’t been very hot though, which I am thankful for. I hope your Disney trip is as fun as it sounds! I’ve never been, but every time you go and post pictures I’m like, yeah, I need to go 😆

  3. How fun that you get to go to Disney World in 6 weeks. I went once with my parents in my junior year of high school. 🙂 I hope you have fun. I also hope you have a great week and that the weather returns back to spring weather for you.

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