Sunday Post #92: Raise!

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The weather has been really nice for the last couple of weeks, so I had been able to walk the dogs daily again. Our walks were a bit sporadic last week, because of random windy days and then my arm procedure and then my vaccine booster. But now, the weather has turned again and has been literally freezing, so I don’t take the dogs out. I didn’t realize how much walking affected my mood until now. Things are suppose to warm up again this week, so I’m looking forward to getting back out there!

I started the week hitting a bit of wall with my playthrough of Little Nightmares. I had entered the final chapter feeling confident. I GOT THIS! I’M ALMOST TO THE END! No. I didn’t got this. I spent waaay too long stuck on multiple parts, because those Shadow Kids are tough! I am not good at double joy-sticking! Watching walkthroughs was no help, because unfortunately they can’t play for me! But I persisted! I’m too close to give up now! And I did post a full review of the game yesterday!

Actually, I did decide to give up for a little while and switch back to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! I’ve missed this game! I started at 47% complete and made it up to 72%. Not bad. I think the previous world is my favorite because it’s spooky and looks super cutesy Halloween! It was harder though, but still fun.

After my game demo marathon the other week, I played one more last week: Arietta of Spirits. I love the look of this 2D pixel art adventure! It is very story driven with tons of dialogue. The story is sweet, but I wish it was a bit less wordy, to get on with the game play. But the demo stops right when the game gets going anyway. I’m intrigued enough to add it to my never-ending wish list. I did give Mimpi Dreams another try, but on my TV this time, and the controls work much better. I still didn’t find a way to center the lost cursor, but it seemed to fix itself, so that was good. It’s a really cute, so I’m glad it at least works in TV mode.

I totally forgotten that Raise was a thing until last week when I was thinking about buying some Nintendo eShop cards, and now my wallet is in danger! A couple of weeks ago Target had the cards at Buy One Get One 15% Off, plus another 5% with a Target Red Card, so my mom ordered me two $20 cards. I bought several games with them and actually still had about $20 at the start of the week. But then I remembered Raise, and checked out their discounts. Well, I ended up getting $135 in gift cards for $105! Did I really need that much? No, but the additional 15% off was good for up to $20 (mine was $18ish), so I made sure to get as much as possible!

With that said, I did buy several new games last week. Flipping Death is a quirky puzzle platformer that looks like if Corpse Bride was made out of cardboard. From that same publisher, I also grabbed Stick It to the Man which has the same aesthetic but different gameplay. Little Bug, a dreamscape puzzle platformer about a young girl trying to get home in the dark. Silent World, another dark puzzle platformer (clearly I have a type!). Woven which is an adorable looking 3D adventure similar to Yoshi’s Crafted World. Down in Bermuda, a puzzle game about a man who’s been stranded on a desert island for many years. The Bridge which was one of the demos I played the other week and loved. Fracter, from the same publisher as The Bridge, is another black and white puzzle game. A farm/life simulator, My Time at Portia (super excited to dive into this one!). A creepy point and click adventure called Bulb Boy. Even though I haven’t played the first game yet, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair dropped to $7.49, so I grabbed it just in case. I also grabbed the Trine: Ultimate Collection, which includes all four of these gorgeous looking puzzle platformers for only $9.99.

Clearly I went a little crazy with the game buying. I just wish you could apply the Nintendo cards to physical games, because I would have grabbed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Kirby Star Allies while I was at it. Oh well. I’ll just wait for them to restock at Amazon (I have technically ordered Donkey Kong, since it was on sale, but it says 5-6 weeks until its in stock, booo!).

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