Sunday Post #91: All the gaming!

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Last week started with…Night Huntress book chat! I was so happy to make this one, since I missed the first one thanks to not knowing how to work Facebook. Hopefully, I’ll continue to make it to these. It was fun!

I finally got my COVID booster on Wednesday. I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t drive, so it’s kind of hard to get anywhere. I was lucky enough to get my first two in the elementary school parking lot down the street, and this one was at a vineyard out in the boonies. Waaay, way way, out in the boonies. Like…nothing but almond trees, a bunch of goats, and a few cows. Then a sign board off a dirt road pointing to the vaccine location. Yeah, rural life is strange. But I was not as sick as my second dose. I definitely wasn’t feeling great the next day, but I also didn’t feel like I was dying. Thank goodness.

As for streaming, I finished Season 2 of Dollface (Hulu). I really hope it gets renewed for a third! It’s such a fun show, and I’m not just saying that because I have a huge crush on Kat Dennings.

I beat Little Nightmares! The twin chefs and guests are nowhere near as creepy as Roger the janitor, but they are faster! But I died less in this part and got through it quite quickly. Perhaps I got better at the game now that I knew what to expect? Beating the final boss, aka The Lady, was really easy. I feel like the game started out hard and scary, then eased up. But it’s a lot of fun. Highly recommend. I still need to play the DLC chapters though, so we’ll see how that goes! Of course, I’ll have to get the sequel (which is actually a prequel) whenever there’s a price drop.

I did several “Games similar to [game I like]…” and “Best [genre/theme] game…” searches and expanded my wish list quite a bit. I did end up buying Limbo, Inside, Unravel Two, Yoku’s Island Express, and The Flame in the Flood since they were all super cheap! Now I have a nice stockpile of games to start once I beat my current games (Little Nightmares and Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle), which I am extra motivated to do now so I can play my eight untouched games! I just prefer to beat a game before starting on a new one, or else I’ll never finish any of them! But I was so distracted this week by finding new-to-me games that I didn’t actually play too much!

I did play a bunch of game demos this week…

  • Who Is Zombie: This demo was way too short, but if it is indicative of the rest of the game, it’s not for me. I love the premise of running a safe house during a zombie apocalypse, but the game style just didn’t work for me. I assume there’s a lot more to it than that underwhelming demo, but maybe it’s just more of the same?
  • Yoku’s Island Express: I actually almost bought this one immediately after watching the trailer (it showed up during my “Games similar to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker” search) because playing as a postmaster dung beetle sounded amazing the game looked adorable and it was only $4.99, but I decided to download the demo to be sure. OMG! This game is so much fun! It’s pinball crossed with platforming! Obviously, I bought it.
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale: This appeared in “Games Similar to Super Mario Odyssey” and the trailer looked good, so I added it to my wish list for now and grabbed the demo. It’s very cute and fun! It reminds me of Crash Bandicoot meets Kirby, which is an A+ combo in my world.
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe: This was suggested for fans of Luigi’s Mansion 3, and I had seen this game around, so I downloaded the demo. It’s a surprisingly looong demo too! They make sure you have time to get invested so you’ll buy the full game! Well, it didn’t work on me. I like the game and think it’s unique, but it’s not one I’m interested in purchasing anytime soon.
  • Spiritfarer: This is a pretty, calming game similar to Cozy Grove, in which you help your animal companions move on after death. The demo is very short, but I liked what I was able to play. I’ll likely get this one in the future.
  • What the Golf?: This game is on a ton of “Best of” lists, and at first I was like suuure, Jan! But it has a demo, so why not? OMG! This game is pure chaos! I literally LOLed at a few parts, and Fiona was growling at my Switch. The demo is actually pretty long and satisfying on its own. I definitely see why so many people love it.
  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill: After loving What the Golf, I decided to give this one a chance since they tended to show up together on lists. It’s definitely not a game that I’d choose on my own, but I had fun with it! I absolutely suck, but having to repeat certain sections over and over, I got better quite quickly. I also just like the way the biking trails look. I’ll keep this one in mind for when I want something totally different.
  • The Touryst: Another one that I saw on several best game lists, so decided to check out the demo. It was not at all what I was expecting, but in a good way! The demo barely gives a taste of what the game is, but I’m intrigued! I also just like the way it looks, vaguely Lego-ish and bright and happy.
  • Planet Alpha: I love the way the world looks, but I found the game play kind of boring. It’s a puzzle platformer which is my favorite genre, but this was just missing any life and fun.
  • I and Me: This is a very cute and cozy puzzle game where you control two black cats simultaneously to reach a goal. I absolutely love the art style, the music is calming, and the gameplay is pretty fun. $10 seems like a lot for this tiny game compared to games I’ve purchased for the same or less. I’ll keep an eye on the price though, because it was enjoyable, and I’m sure the higher levels are a real challenge.
  • Mimpi Dreams: Sticking with adorable animals, you control a dog through their dreams! It’s adorable, but the controls are terrible. I had started in handheld mode, but didn’t like the controls, so I switched to tabletop mode, but there’s no way to center the cursor (like in Super Mario Galaxy) so it was completely off and I had to play at an awkward angle, got frustrated, and switched back to handheld. I really like the game otherwise, so I might try it again in TV mode to see if that fixes the lost cursor.
  • Rain City: One more adorable animal adventure! The art style is what drew me into this one. It’s a pretty standard point-and-click mystery game, but I do like what I’ve seen thus far. It’s fun picking up items and figuring out how to combine them for the needed outcome. And it’s visually pleasing without much sound distractions.
  • Metamorphosis: Playing as a bug! Too bad I hate first-person games, so I quit the demo early.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory: Likely the only KH game I’ll ever get to play, since our internet does not do cloud gaming. It barely handles Youtube some days. But I hated it, so no KH at all for me. Boo.
  • ‘n Verlore Verstand: Another first person, but I managed to stick with it longer because it’s so freaking trippy. This game is bizarre. I have no idea what’s going on, but I kinda like it. I just can’t stand the first person perspective for too long.
  • Big Brain Academy: My brain is not as big as I assumed! That was unexpectedly difficult, but fun, but also made me a little sad. I may need to get this one sometime.
  • Doraemon Story of Seasons: I am a farming simulator addict ever since the Myspace Farmville days. The story here is a bit questionable at times, but I had a lot of fun and will definitely get this one in the future!
  • The Bridge: This is from the same publisher as Cozy Grove (which I love) and has a great art style, so I tried it. I actually love it! These are some mind-bendy puzzles and remind me a lot of those little plastic ball maze things from the ’90s. If you know, you know.
  • The Wild at Heart: This game has been on my wish list since I got my Switch, but I somehow didn’t notice it had a demo?! It’s so good! It’s Cozy Grove meets Pikmin meats Luigi’s Mansion and I am here for it! The story is sad, but the art style is gorgeous (clearly I have a thing for pretty games!) and the gameplay is fun and relaxing but also exciting. It’s a good mix of everything.
  • Road 96: I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I LOVE this idea! You play a teenager trying to flee the country by hitchhiking, meeting other teens and unsavory characters along the way. However, it’s first person and ugly. If it goes on sale for super cheap, I might buy it, because I do like it.
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart: I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this game, but I’m glad I did! Of course, the art style is gorgeous. The gameplay is very similar to Hollow Knight and Ori, but with a fun “portal” twist. I may have to get the full game.
  • Mythic Ocean: Tricked by another first person! The world in this one actually looks pretty good and doesn’t give me motion sickness like other games, but the characters are hideous. The gameplay is also boring.
  • Kunai: This is a pretty fun dash-and-slash platformer where you play as a katana weilding tablet….rise of the machines? I liked it well enough, so it goes onto my wish list as a maybe someday.
  • Detention: This one also showed up on lists for games similar to Little Nightmares, but it was also noted to be one of the scariest games. There is a heart disease warning as the game boots up which immediately had me on edge! I love the look of this game and there was one terrifying moment at the end of the demo. I don’t know if I’m intrigued or too scared to play the rest!

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More Sailor Moon! I’m steadily working my way through the series, and then I think I need to rewatch the anime. Probably both of them.

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6 responses to “Sunday Post #91: All the gaming!

  1. I’m glad you made it to the Night Huntress Chat and enjoyed it, was so good to have you there! I hope you can keep making them as well! And yay for your booster! As much as I wish I lived SUPER RURAL like you – it’s a life goal, for real – I do appreciate the convenience of things like my booster. Of course, I also work for a hospital so I have super easy access!

    Have a great week with your games and new books <3

    • Yeah, there’s really nothing convenient about living this far out. Well…except that I can walk to wherever I need to go (bus stop, library, post office, etc) as long as it’s not out in the farm lands like the vaccine clinic last week. But my parents wanted to live somewhere quiet, so here we are. 😛

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