Sunday Post #90: Direct…to Disney World!

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Last week started off with Coursera! Of course, I kept working on the Google Data Analytics course, which I did finish! Well, I finished the learning portion, there’s still one last course which is a hands-on project. I’m nervous but also looking forward to working on it, to put everything I learned to use. I also started the Japanese for Beginners course. So far I like how it teaches pitch accent from the very beginning! I haven’t come across actual pitch accent lessons in my previous studies, so I’m glad to be finally getting some here.

I wasn’t in very much of a gaming mood last week. I was mostly reading, streaming, and learning. I did pick up Little Nightmares for a little while and made some progress, but that game really gets the heart going! It’s so freaking creepy! Why do I insist on playing it before bed?! I need to play it during the day! And I “beat” Cozy Grove on Thursday aka I reached the credits, but there’s still plenty of game left to play (similar to how Animal Crossing just keeps going and going and going…).

I still got some new games though. My mom bought me Flinthook as a Valentine present. She said I could have a $14.99 game, I narrowed it down to Stardew Valley and Flinthook, and she picked Flinthook! So space pirate adventuring it is! Then I saw that Yooka-Laylee dropped from $39.99 to $9.99…what?! So yeah, I had to grab it, but my Switch has no memory, so I also had to order a memory card. I’m getting a nice little game collection going!

Of course, I watched the latest Nintendo Direct. The only game I was really excited to see more of was Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I cried during the preview because I just love that little pink puff so much! I cannot wait for this game, even though I’m too cheap to pay full price for it, so I won’t be playing it for a while. I also got oddly excited for the Mario Kart DLC, even though I don’t own the game (yet)! I’m also interested in that Disney Pixar racing game.

I did binge the fourth season of Claws (TNT). That is one show that I did watch while it was on with my mom and was super bummed when it got cancelled, but then it got uncancelled, so yay! Sadly, this was the final season. It was a good one though. I also watched Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You, which was adorable. And I started the second season of Dollface (Hulu); I really like this show!

In life news, I had very minor arm surgery on Thursday. It turns out my birth control implant was put in wrong, so my doctor couldn’t get it out and had to send me elsewhere. Fun times. And yesterday I booked a trip to Disney World for May! I’ve been wanting to go to the Flower and Garden Festival for a few years, so I am finally going! Plus, it’s also the 50th anniversary, so yay!

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4 responses to “Sunday Post #90: Direct…to Disney World!

  1. Oooh yeah I’m excited for the new Kirby game too! It looks like so much fun! and the Mario Kart DLC looks great, too!

    I hope you have fun on your trip! I have a trip planned for the end of April/beginning of May to Mexico City for my cousin’s wedding. We’re supposed to go sightseeing so that should be fun!

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