Sunday Post #89: And Just Like That…

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Last week was pretty quiet. It started off with the library sending out an email invitation to join Coursera for six months! Yay for more online courses! My county had already given residents access to the Google certification programs through Coursera, which I am steadily working through. Now, the state’s library system offered six months to the rest of the courses! Of course, I saved the Japanese classes to give a try. I still need to browse and see what else they offer.

I continued to have a lot of fun with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I unlocked Princess Peach as a playable character and the game just got so much better! Peach is probably my all-time favorite video game character (I was her for Halloween in 2017), and she has pretty awesome stats in this game! I’m definitely excited for the sequel coming out!

Then I bought Little Nightmares since it went on sale for $7.49. Which I then made the mistake of playing right before going to bed a few nights last week. My dreams were not pleasant. The game isn’t scary exactly, but it’s definitely creepy and extremely eerie. I can’t seem to get enough of it though! I love the art style and the gameplay is pretty straight forward. There’s always this sense of “OMG WHAT’S COMING NEXT” when you enter a new room. Most of them are empty and you just have to figure out how to get out without dying, but some have a very interesting character waiting that you don’t want to get their hands on you.

I finally watched And Just Like That. I was huge Sex and the City fan, so I was curious. Big mistake. This is the most cringe-worthy show I have ever watched. They were trying way too hard to be “relevant” and felt like they were targeting the wrong audience. The second-hand embarrassment is strong with this one.

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Lots of goodies this time! I was so excited to see The Astronaut and the Star as one of the Prime free options this month!

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #89: And Just Like That…

  1. Good to know about Just Like That. I watched Sex in the City on DVDs I think after it ended. I am guessing I got them at the library. We never had cable. I seem to always choose books over tv anyway. But the Olympics I am watching and loving.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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