Sunday Post #88: January is almost over?!

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Last week started as usual, with lots of reading and some Animal Crossing. I also played a few more game demos. I’m a huge Kirby fan, so of course I tried out Kirby Star Allies, which I will definitely buy some day (it was already on my wish list, the demo just confirmed). I’m not a fighter game person, so Kirby Fighters didn’t really appeal to me even after trying it out. I also played Midnight Deluxe, which is a fun puzzle game. I absolute love the art style and the puzzles were interesting. I may get this one in the future as well (it’s only $4.99!).

Then I tried Yoshi’s Crafted World which is so effing cute, I can’t even! And the final, and best, demo that I played this week was Ori and the Blind Forest. Holy crap is this game gorgeous! The opening story made me cry and I knew I was starting something special. The gameplay is similar to Hollow Knight, but not as maddeningly difficult and frustrating. It definitely had parts that took me several tries, but overall, this is my kind of game. For sure getting both of these as soon as they go on sale!

Speaking of on sale…while adding Yoshi to my wish list, I saw that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle dropped to $19.99! Um, yes! Thank you! Just over here casually building up my Mario game collection. It arrived yesterday, and I jumped right in! I had never played a turn-based battle game before, but after I got the hang of the concept, I was having a ton of fun! This game is very charming (Rabbid Peach is my new BFF!), and I liked the change of pace to a strategy game rather than a skill focused one.

I watched Hotel Transylvania 4 (Amazon Prime), finally! It was super cute! The first movie is still my favorite, but this one was good. Then I watched the second half of Season 2 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Disney+); such a fun show!

As for my Data Analyst studies, I completed Course 5 and will be starting #6 today. Moving right along! There’s so much to learn, I definitely have to go back over these lessons and check out the additional resources.

New Books:

From the Library:

I finally made it to the actual library to get my holds that came in last week! I’ll be grabbing the rest this week, since they came in after I went.

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6 responses to “Sunday Post #88: January is almost over?!

  1. So many games! Mari games are always so much fun! I have never played a Pokemon game, but I new one just came out that I’m thinking about trying out. It looks pretty fun! I have gotten quite a few Eriko Sato books in the last couple of weeks! I read his Japanese Demystified a year or two ago and I really liked the way he explained things! I think I have a similar one to the one you got from the library this week. Lol.

    • I love Mario games so much! I’ve never played Pokemon either, but that new is getting great reviews so far.

      I really like the way Eriko explains things! Unfortunately, this book looks to be exactly the same as their other one I just returned, just with a different title. I need to go through it more carefully to be sure though.

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