Sunday Post #87: Two games done!

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I started the week by beating the final boss in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! And with four days left in the trial, I had plenty of time to play the unlocked bonus levels as well. I could have beat the game last Saturday, but that’s when I do all of my blog posts for the week, so I saved it for Sunday. This game is adorable and really fun, so I’d highly recommend it, if you can catch it on sale. It is longer than I assumed at first, since you need a lot of gems to play through all of the bonus levels.

After that, I switched back to my current main game, Luigi’s Mansion 3. Which I beat on Thursday! It took awhile (20 hours) because I was taking a lot of time to explore. Then when I got stuck I checked a walkthrough to get unstuck, then back to just wandering. It was fun though! I’ll definitely play this one again! PuppyFiona really likes it too. She always sits with me and gets hypnotized by the screen.

I also grabbed some free demos, because why not? I played the Timelie demo, and that game is…mind boggling. The demo skips levels, so instead of getting progressively more difficult to build up your skill/strategy, it just goes from easy to hard. It’s a super cool concept though. You play as a girl (and later her cat) to escape this lab. She can control time, so you can rewind if you mess up, or fast forward to see where the robo-guards go before you make a decision on how to move. Definitely an interesting and challenging puzzle game.

I also got obsessed with watching Mario speedruns. Even though I absolutely love Mario games, I am not good at them. At all. I know it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But the skill that speedrunners have is out of this world! They can beat the entire game in the time it takes me to finish one level! Of course, they’re exploiting glitches in the game to do so, but even without those, these players are amazing! Even though I don’t plan on speedrunning myself, I’ve learned plenty of tricks that I can try out to improve my casual gameplay. I still want to get 100% in Super Mario 64, Galaxy, and Odyssey this year!

It wasn’t all play last week! I did work on my Data Analytics course. I’ve reached the more interactive, hands-on portion, which is quite fun. I’m learning a lot and really enjoying it. This is turning out to be a great choice for me. I finished the third course and am halfway through the fourth (of eight), so it looks like I’m definitely going to stick with it to the end!

And I watched Booksmart (Hulu) and it wasn’t for me. The humor felt so forced and uncomfortable.

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New Books:

From the Library:

I didn’t plan on getting a lot of books this week, since I wanted to focus a bit more on books that own. But apparently all of my library recommendations and holds came in at the same time! Wild! Not complaining though, because I clearly got lots of exciting things! I didn’t get a chance to pick up my physical holds though because it’s been crazy windy and I do not go out in that.

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