Sunday Post #83: Happy Kwanzaa!

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Happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate this week!

Last week I finished my 24 holiday movies with Mistletoe Mixup (Amazon; fun) and Snowbound for Christmas (Netflix; boring). That made 23, which were then followed with my all-time favorite Edward Scissorhands on Christmas! I also finally started chipping away at my non-holiday watch list with Season 2 of The World According to Jeff Goldblum and Season 1 of PEN15 which is effing hilarious! I started middle school in 2000 so I am living for this nostalgia!

I also started playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, which is fun, but has entirely too many cutscenes! I feel like Luigi can’t take two steps without the gameplay stopping for another mini movie! Just let me play! I didn’t play it too much, since I was watching things and squeezing in some end-of-the-year books. But I’ll be back at it this week!

In bookish activities, I spent some time trimming down my to-read shelf on Goodreads. I’ve been going year by year and deleting books I’m no longer interested in, then reading what’s left. I was up to 2013, but since I’m nearly done reading those, I decided to move on with the culling process. I finished up to 2019, which is where I’m stopping for now. The 2020 and 2021 additions are still fairly new, so they probably don’t need to be reassessed quite yet. All in all, I removed about two hundred books! My never ending list of books is looking much more manageable now! For the new year, I’ll be focused on reading new releases and books I added in 2014.

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New Books:

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They just got both of these in, so I snatched ’em up right away!

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4 responses to “Sunday Post #83: Happy Kwanzaa!

  1. Happy Kwanza! Does your family celebrate? I always taught the kids at school about Kwanza but have never known anyone (that I knew of at least) that celebrates.

    Sounds like a fun week! I should cull my reading list again too. But I have a hard time when I own the books admitting I won’t read them.

    Have A great week!

    • No, we don’t celebrate. My mom is all about the Christmas! I’m just here for the food. 😛

      I’ll admit that I’m completely ignoring the books that I own. I won’t delete them from GR, since I do own them, but….will I actually read them!? Who knows?! They have their own shelf there.

    • I highly recommend doing it! I got rid of a ton of books that had me thinking “What was I thinking?!” and rediscovered some awesome sounding books!

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