Sunday Post #80: Season’s streaming!

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I decided to cash in on that excellent Hulu deal. I had a free trial earlier this year, and now I have a full year at $0.99 a month. I think that’s pretty good! I watched a handful of Christmas movies this week (not all from Hulu): Happiest Season (Hulu; I liked it), A Castle for Christmas (Netflix; super sweet), 8-Bit Christmas (HBOmax; dog death fakeout), All I Want For Christmas is You (Netflix; why?!), Single All the Way (Netflix; great), Holiday in Handcuffs (Hulu; horrifying), and Christmas Again (Disney+; great).

When not reading or watching Christmas movies, I was playing my Switch, of course. I actually started making progress on decorating my own island in Animal Crossing, since I’m finally getting most of the items that I want to use. I’m hella broke, but I’m at least getting the layout down and figuring out exactly which items I need to buy/craft. I also played a lot of Cozy Grove, which is getting better and better the more I go along! There are so many collectibles! Even though I said last week that I don’t think I like Hollow Knight, I kept randomly picking it up. I think maybe I do like it, but just suck at it. Each time I pick it up, I make a tiny bit more progress, so that’s something.

But the game I’ve been wanting to play the most is Super Mario Odyssey! I’m at 83/124 power moons for the main story of saving Peach. But there are 999 total power moons to collect?! Holy crap! But this game is amazing. The worlds are huge and fun to explore, so I don’t mind having to repeat them to get everything.

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