Sunday Post #74: I’m back home

Posted October 24, 2021 by Angie in Sunday Post / 4 Comments

I am now back at home. It feels weird. I woke up a bit confused on Wednesday since things looked different. Obviously, because I’m not in the hotel anymore. I also woke up at 4am, which was annoying.

Last Sunday and Monday were my final days at Disneyland Paris. Those were more chill days though, as I was just wandering around and fitting in the rides and characters that I hadn’t done yet. Sunday was also freezing! Monday was nice, and I was on a mission to meet Dr. Facilier! Tuesday was travel day….all day. I hate traveling! I got home around 11pm and unpacked a bit, ate, and went to bed. It was nice to have little Fiona curled up on my pillow again.

This weekend was also 24-Hour Readathon! I woke up right on time yesterday thanks to lingering jet lag. I did have to take a nap mid-day, but it was another fun event! I absolutely did not make it anywhere near close to the end, since my sleep is all kinds of screwed up still. I did wake up in time for the last half hour though…

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New Books:

Disneyland Paris Purchases:

From the Library:

Some great options for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon which was yesterday (and early this morning)!

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4 responses to “Sunday Post #74: I’m back home

  1. El

    Those Disneyland purchases are such a dream, enjoy!
    I recently got back in the swing of things when it comes to my blog so feel free to check out my Sunday Post whenever you get the time (:

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