Sunday Post #73: Happy Birthday to me!

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Yesterday was my birthday! I’m old!

But let’s back up a bit. I started the week with a couple of movies for my 31 Movies of Halloween: There’s Someone Inside Your House, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I’m up to 23 movies, which is a little behind where I wanted to be before I left, but I can catch up and finish by Halloween.

Tuesday was travel day, all day. I arrived in Paris on Wednesday and the adventure began! I only took the wrong train once, but got off at the very next stop and found my way back. Definitely did not do that again! I popped into Disney Village after checking into my hotel to get a COVID test to get my 72-hour Health Pass. That went smoothly until it came time to actually receive the required QR code. I tried so many times until it actually sent me my code to download the QR code. The FAQ said it’s a technical problem, so just keep trying, and keep trying I did!

Of course, I woke up Thursday morning and my Health Pass had been processed, so that was wasted time and money for the test. Oh well. Better safe than sorry! Thursday was a full day adventure! I started out in Walt Disney Studios for a few hours since I had to pick up my annual pass over there at noon. Paris wins for best Tower of Terror; it’s creepy and oh-so fun! Then I met a bunch of characters and just walked around to get my bearings before leaving a little after noon, got my annual pass, and headed straight for Disneyland which…OMG, that park is a treat for the eyeballs. I barely got anything done because I kept having to stop and stare and take pictures. I mainly just wandered around in Frontier, Adventure, and Fantasy lands, back and forth, noticing something new each time. After the parks closed, I had dinner in Disney Village. Twas very good. Then back to my hotel!

Friday, I had hoped to wake up early enough for the extra morning hour, but nope. I still made it for the last 15 minutes, which meant I got to meet Max without a long wait! I hadn’t seen Max since July 2007 in California Adventure. My mission for this morning was Max, Jack Skellington, and Space Mountain! I accomplished that and more, then hopped back over to Walt Disney Studios for the rest of the day, since I had dinner reservations over there. I managed all of the rides that I wanted to go on, and I actually only had two more rides left! I shall do them all!

Now, back to my birthday! Saturday was a busy day of fun! I started the morning in Disneyland again to knock a few things off my list, such as going through the Wonderland maze! That was fun! I also just wandered around Fantasyland while it was mostly empty to get pictures. I left in the afternoon to go take a “hot air balloon” ride which was cool. Then I headed back over to Walt Disney Studios to finish up those two final rides and meet Belle. I have to meet Belle on my birthday! I cried. Then it was back to Disneyland for a bit before heading back to my hotel for the night. According to my FitBit, I walked 11 miles this day.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I’m so glad your trip is going so well! I know you’ve really been looking forward to it for so long. It sounds like a wonderful time and all the hiccups you were worried about have worked out just fine. When do you head home?

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