Sunday Post #72: Everything is falling apart!

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Last week was a mess for me! It seems like nothing for my trip was going right! First, the girl who does my hair cancelled on me, so I’m gonna stay ugly and frizzy (at least I have cute Minnie ears to help disguise it!). Then while I was calling my credit cards and bank to notify them that I was traveling, I realized that my debit card was expired, and I never received a new one. That was an easy fix though, since I simply went into the bank and had one printed. But while looking to make sure I didn’t have a new one accidentally tucked away, I noticed that my bank credit card was missing! I wanted to have multiple cards with me because you never know, so they’re mailing me a new one. Hopefully I won’t have any problems with my main card…although the charge for my hotel was flagged as spam, so didn’t go through, but I confirmed it was me, let the hotel know, and it was approved.

Speaking of things that never arrived, my Disneyland Paris Annual Pass! Yes, I ordered an annual pass because it was cheaper than a 5-day ticket (technically, a 4-day and a 1-day), and gives discounts on dining and shopping. It’s suppose to ship within 10 days, but it’s been over a month and nothing. Of course, after writing this original post, Disney finally emailed me back and confirmed that my pass was never sent. I had asked if I could switch to the temporary pass which I can print then get my pass at the parks, and they said they can’t change it, but they will refund me after purchasing a new pass. So that’s fine. They also said they’d make my three park reservations for me, since the temporary pass only allows one (the day you go to get the full pass printed). Hopefully, they do that before I get there! It looks like I’m still going to have purchase day tickets for the weekend, since the annual pass reservations filled up in the time I should have been gotten mine. Oh well. At least I still get to go.

On top of that, I’m still waiting for my Health Pass to process and was worrying that it wouldn’t get approved in time. When it first rolled out, you could only apply if you were arriving within about three days (the site showed which dates they were approving), but now it just says you’re already in France or arriving within “the coming days,” so I applied last week. But after submitting it says it can take up to 24 days?! What?! Those are completely contradictory times!

BUT then while doing a search to see others’ experiences with applying for the Health Pass, I was reminded that I can still get a 72-hour pass upon arrival by getting tested! Thankfully, there’s a large testing center at Disney, where I’ll have to go to get tested before I come back home anyway. That made me feel sooo much better! I’ll just stop by there after checking into my hotel as they’re open until 8PM. It’ll also be a nice test run to make sure I know where I’m going and how long it actually takes. I can explore Disney Village a bit too and get dinner afterward (I was going to order delivery or pop into a grocery store for something quick). Unless I’m too tired. In which case I might just grab something to go and head back to my hotel to eat and sleep.

In other news, I am 100% addicted to Animal Crossing. Half my day just disappears tending my island! I am getting deep into this. Like, watching tons of videos with tips and tricks and inspiration and adorableness. I’ve always been a fan of games with goals and collecting, and there is soooo much in this game! I was going to leave my Switch home when I leave–one less thing to carry–but then I saw that the game celebrates your birthday! OMgoodness!

I also finally watched Evil Eye, which my mom recommended to me forever ago. It was good! Of course, I also had to watch Muppets Haunted Mansion (so much fun!) and Under Wraps which were added to Disney+ on Friday, then ended the week with Fun Size, which I had never heard of, and the fabulous Toy Story of Terror!

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #72: Everything is falling apart!

  1. Oh no! Traveling is stressful.. International more so, and then you add in the covid procedures and it’s a hot mess. It sounds like you’ve either worked out everything or have a good backup plan ready to go. I hope you have an amazing time and birthday!

    • Yeah, I think I have everything straightened out, except my park tickets. But I’ll probably just need a day ticket for Saturday or maybe Saturday and Sunday, depending on availability. It’s fine. I’m getting there!

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