Sunday Post #71: Switch switch switch!

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My week started with my mom buying me a Nintendo Switch (luckily the cute ACNH one was back in stock, even if the price was inflated; I paid the difference)! I guess the news was talking about holiday shortages and delays on popular stuff, so she offered to buy me one now as an early birthday and Christmas present. She also let me pick two games, so that was awesome! Then I agonized over what other games I wanted, but ultimately didn’t order any. Let me get through these first! Plus I want the new Online subscription that’s coming with the N64 and Sega games, which is actually what reignited my interest in the Switch.

My Switch arrived on Tuesday, but super late! Amazon usually delivers around 11AM-2PM, but not this time. They didn’t come until 8PM! I usually got to bed at 9:30, but stayed up until 11PM. I set up my ACNH island, but didn’t do much else since  it was late. Then I spent the next couple hours reliving my childhood with Super Mario 64! And boy do I suck! I actually managed to “Game Over” which doesn’t really mean anything, but still. I actually got Super Mario 3D All Stars, which also includes Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, neither of which I had played before. But they look super fun from the walkthrough videos that I previewed!

Obviously, I spent most of the rest of the week gaming. Right now I’m just switching (pun intended!) between Animal Crossing and Super Mario 64. I don’t want to start too many games at the same time and not finish anything! I am trying to get all 120 Power Stars in Mario, since I’ve never done that, despite beating the game three times as a kid. It’s hard though! Some of these levels are just infuriating! But I’m having fun.

I did manage to finish my Sharktopus trilogy rewatch with Sharktopus vs Whalewolf, then finally watched Bit. But that’s it. I still have plenty of time for my 31 Movies of Halloween.

Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair done! Hello, purple braids! Gotta get cute and spooky for my Disneyland Paris trip!

New Books:


Kindle Unlimited:

I was only going to grab a couple this week since I’ve been spending most of my time playing my Switch, but it was new Ruby Dixon week, so I had to pause to read it! Then apparently October 1st was a popular release date for my wish list as well!

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #71: Switch switch switch!

  1. Yay for the switch! I used to be such a gamer, but these days I just don’t have the time. I game a little when I visit with my brother and his partner though – switch really has some great games, especially for reliving the oldies 🙂 Enjoy! And yay for the purple braids! When do you go to paris? I’m so jealous! LOL!

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