Sunday Post #70: Fall is finally here!

Posted September 26, 2021 by Angie in Sunday Post / 6 Comments

Happy Autumnal Equinox, everyone! The best season of the year is finally here! Although it’s still in the 90s here. Hopefully, it’ll cool off now. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll be in France soon where it should be cool and rainy!

I started my week with more Halloween-ish movies, starting with Practical Magic, which I had never seen before. Then I continued on with a Donkey Kong 64 full game walk through to relive my youth. That was absolutely the best video game ever created. Then I somehow found myself watching the Super Mario 64 full game as well. Apparently watching other people play video games is my new thing! But I did end my week with Sharktopus! My favorite creature!

I was just generally distracted all week, so I didn’t read or watch much other than random YouTube stuff. But I’m getting use to these fluctuations in my attention span.

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New Books:


Kindle Unlimited:

From the Library:

Of course, KU is distracting me from catching up on my to-read, but that’s okay! I’m not complaining.

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6 responses to “Sunday Post #70: Fall is finally here!

  1. Lisa Mandina

    Looks like some good books there! I was in the mood Saturday night to start watching Halloween movies, but couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch. Ended up watching My Friend Dahmer. Which was good. Hope you have a great week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

    • Spring is nice too, but ours is too short! I’m still waiting on this autumn weather, but it usually doesn’t cool down until mid October around here.

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