Sunday Post #60: Doing all of the things, yet none of the things.

Posted July 18, 2021 by Angie in Sunday Post / 12 Comments

Last week was another week of “where did the time go?” First, I was a day ahead, then suddenly it’s like two days later, and I just have no sense of time anymore.

It was also another week of my mind jumping from activity to activity without focus. It was madness. I would love to get one thing done before starting something else, then going back and forth, and wondering why I can’t get anything done when I’m always doing something! I was suppose to finish studying for my next Salesforce certification, but somehow restarted learning Japanese? I don’t even know.

But I did continue on with my Disney Animation-athon: Dinosaur, Recess: School’s Out, and Return to Neverland. Then, of course, I had to watch Space Jam 2, Fear Street 1666, the second episode of Gossip Girl, and the third episode of Monsters at Work. It’s kind of weird watching things weekly. I haven’t done that since…Game of Thrones.

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My KU trial ended and I immediately…IMMEDIATELY…got an offer for two months for $0.99! Dang, KU! Let me breathe! I’m definitely going to get it, but I wasn’t reading much in the second half of the week, so probably this week.

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12 responses to “Sunday Post #60: Doing all of the things, yet none of the things.

  1. I WANT TO LEARN JAPANESE SO BAD! I love all Japanese stuff. I can’t get enough of buying stuff from there. I just found a really cook marketplace in our area that sells all things Japanese and the kids and I plan to go in two weeks.

    • Aww fun! I wish we had something like that around here! We mostly just have Korean and Chinese markets, which do have some Japanese grocery, but that’s it. But I am desperate to go to Japan!

    • I liked it, but it wasn’t great. I felt like it was trying too hard and was longer than it needed to be. But nothing can beat the original!

  2. Lisa Mandina

    I watched the first Fear Street movie this week, 1994 I think? It was good for the most part. Wasn’t a fan of the drugs and there was a plot hole for me. But I’m going to watch on! You are right about how fast time is going though! Hope you have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

    • There’s definitely some plot holes and questionable material in all of them, but I thought they were fun. The ending was great!

  3. Lol!! I have plenty of times where I feel like I can’t focus at all. But hey, if I stayed learning Japanese in the mix, that’d be a win! I hope you’re feeling more focused this week 😍

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