Sunday Post #47: One shot!

Posted April 18, 2021 by Angie in Sunday Post / 8 Comments

I got my first vaccine yesterday! It was an odd experience. It said by appointment only, of course. I made an appointment. I get there, they don’t ask my name, when’s my appointment, no ID check. I filled out a form, she checked that it was filled out, stab, go. I was like WTF?! And that is my entire report on last week…

Don’t forget that Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is on Saturday! Get your books and snacks ready!

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My KU trial was suppose to end on Wednesday, but when I went to cancel they offered three more months for $1.99! Yes!

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8 responses to “Sunday Post #47: One shot!

  1. The place I went to get mine had military people and reminded me of a dystopian book lol.

    I am going to miss Dewey! I am so sad, I will be away but good luck! Read some books for me! 😉

    Have a great week, Angie! Happy Reading!

    • Oh, wow. I’m pretty sure mine was run by the PTA, since it was at the elementary school an no one looked “official.” It was so weird.

      Aaww! I’ll read plenty for you! 🙂

  2. Molly's Book Nook

    I’m excited for Dewey’s readathon! I won’t be able to read the whole time because I have D&D but I always like to try participating for at least half it it. Happy reading!

    • Even a little bit of reading counts! I’m very excited. Hopefully I can stay up longer than last time (just gotten back from Disney World the night before and was exhausted!).

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