Sunday Post #33: Getting ahead!

Posted January 10, 2021 by Angie in Sunday Post / 2 Comments

The first full week of the year is over already! That went by fast! But it also felt super slow; not that it dragged at all. Just that I feel like I got so much done already. I’ve read 23 (short) books so far, and I did quite a bit of work. I’m certainly not going to maintain this pace for the entire year, but it’s nice to get ahead.

I finished the Ice Planet Barbarians series! That was such a fun ride! I’ll probably start on the spinoff series soon before my KU trial expires. I’m also going to start on the podcast.

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I finished Outlander, so I browsed the available audiobooks at my library and the entire Raven Cycle was ready to listen! I’m almost done with the first book even though I’m not a huge fan of this narrator. He’s not terrible, but blah. I’ll continue listening though.

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #33: Getting ahead!

  1. I listened to the first Raven Cycle book a few years ago and I agree, the narration was not great. I may try reading it in the future – I hear great things. When you say you finished Outlander, you mean all the books? I’m behind with that series — the books are so LOONG!

    Enjoy your reads! Have a great week.

    • No no! Just the first Outlander! I’m rereading the first three, and then I will be continuing the series! But yeah, they are massive. The audiobook was 32 hours! I listen on 2x, but it was still long. I love that narrator though.

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