Sunday Post #146: Two weeks already?

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Sunday: My legs were dead from visiting Osaka Castle the day before, so I took a day off to just chill. I organized my hotel room, painted my nails, then raided 7-Eleven! It wasn’t too far from where I’m staying, but it was up a slight incline, so my legs were screaming. I got a lot of good stuff though! Then I just stayed in, watched Youtube, and played Mario + Luigi Superstar Saga. Which is when I realized I forgot my Switch charger, but luckily I have the one for my earbuds; the cord is just super short, so I can’t have it plugged in while I’m playing. That’s okay.

Monday: I managed to sleep until 6:30AM, so I’m getting close to a normal sleep schedule! My legs were still dead sore, so I opted to stay in again. And it definitely helped. I don’t want to get burnt out so quickly!

Tuesday: Again, I got up around 6:30AM, so I guess that’s going to be my sleep schedule for now. I went to the supermarket to see what kind of goodies they had and picked up some breakfast stuff and snacks. I didn’t have plans until the afternoon, so I just hung around in my room again until it was time to go out. Today I went to the Nagai Botanical Gardens. I had tickets for the teamLab light installation that night, but wanted to see everything during the day too. So I went a bit before closing, so could leave and go grab dinner before heading back for the show. I finally went out for sushi! It was very good. And I tried natto, which is not as a bad as everyone says it is; it’s just kinda weird.

Wednesday: Today was the longest short day! I had pretty long train rides which is why it felt long, even though I had minimal activities today. I went over to the Ikeda Castle ruins, then headed to the Cup Noodle Museum where I made my own cup of ramen! Both of these were really short, underwhelming attractions given the hour long trek out there (and back). I still enjoyed myself, but it was just out of the way. Then I stopped at Osaka Station to pick up my rail pass and seat reservations for later in the month, and had lunch at this little cafe. I had Japanese curry and it was really good! Then I just went back to my hotel for the afternoon.

Thursday: Today I went to Dontonbori! It was crazy crowded, but I got some excellent things to eat and did a little shopping at Don Quijote. That’s about it. A pretty chill day.

Friday: Happy Mario Day! I stopped by the new Osaka Nintendo Store today just to look around since it was Mar10. There’s a lot of cute stuff, but nothing that I needed to get. I was tempted by a Kirby tote bag, but I have more than enough bags. Even though it was adorable. But also $30. Saving that money for Super Nintendo World. But before that, I went to the Museum of Living and Housing, which was super cool! It has a full size reproduction of an old Osaka street, and you could walk through the buildings and look into different kinds of rooms. Definitely a more fun museum experience! This was another chill day, since I’m resting up for big stuff next week!

Saturday: Today was a mixed day, but overall a success. I stayed within walking distance of my hotel, so just popped into FamilyMart next door to get water, brought it back, then headed out again. I went to a larger branch of the grocery story around the corner and that was a great decision! They have so much delicious looking stuff for cheap! But…I lost my sunglasses. I hung them on the front of my dress and poof! Gone! A cashier helped me look, but alas. I already had plans to go to Don Quijote afterward, so I just added sunglasses to my list. I’m taking this as a sign to order the pink ones I’ve been lusting after. Anyway. I spent $100 on Kit Kats because I’m me. Even if Japan wasn’t known for their array of flavors, Kit Kats are one of the only candies I eat anyway. So I’m calling today a win, overall.

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That’s it for another week of my life in Osaka!

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3 responses to “Sunday Post #146: Two weeks already?

  1. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! I’ve been enjoying living vicariously through you on Instagram 😆 Have you gotten the chance to practice your Japanese? How’s that going? (I haven’t been practicing lately and I really need to get back on it lol)

    • Not really! Listening and reading, yes, but not so much on speaking. I get in a few words here and there, but for the most part, I just freeze up! But I barely speak in general, so…yeah.

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