Sunday Post #145: I’m in the future!

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Sunday: The countdown began! I spent most of the day so distracted. I did manage to read a manga, but I spent the entire day on Youtube and rearranging my itinerary and doing last-minute travel things.

Monday: My last day at home! More last-minute-travel things and Youtube.

Tuesday: I left home at 3:30AM for a full day of flying! I hate flying! And it was the longest day of my life. My second flight was 11 hours long, and the entertainment network kept going out, but I still managed to watch 4.5 movies. We flew threw a storm and I almost threw up. Flying is awful.

Wednesday: With a 17 hour time difference, I essentially skipped most of this day. I arrived in Tokyo at around 3PM and caught my final flight to Osaka, and arrived around 7:30PM. I was too exhausted to do much of anything, so I popped into the convenience store, bought some water and food, then splurged on a taxi instead of taking the bus. I got to my hotel in no time, got comfy, got addicted to onigiri, and knocked out. At least for a little while.

Thursday: Time change is stupid! I woke up at 1:30AM, which is 8:30AM at home (but previous day). So I just chatted with my mom for a bit, then went back to sleep, and woke up again at 5:45AM. Not too bad, since I tend to wake up around 6-7 naturally. Today was the day for confidence building! I didn’t travel too far from my hotel, but I did walk to the zoo which was fun, then I went to the mall for lunch and to walk around for a bit. I was back to my room by about 1:30PM. I didn’t want to push it, and I needed a nap.

Friday: Again, I woke up around 2AM, stayed up a bit, then back to sleep until 6AM, stayed up a bit, back to sleep until about 9AM and got up. Today was the day to learn to master the Japanese train system! I didn’t get lost on my way out, but I did on the way back. I was close to where I needed to be, but long unmarked corridors threw me off. But a nice lady stopped to point me to an officer, who then walked me over. But anyway, this day I went to the Kuma Kafe, which was adorable and delicious! Then I went to the Osaka Aquarium, which was huge and a lot of fun. Then I went on the largest Ferris wheel and had a very unsettling time. I’m glad I went though. Then I headed back to my hotel, which is when I got a little lost, but I made it back around 4PM. Still adjusting to the time difference!

Saturday: I managed to sleep until almost 5AM, so I’m calling that a step in the right direction. My plan was to stay up for a bit, go back to sleep later in the morning, then go out in the afternoon. Which kind of worked. I slept a little more, then headed out around 11AM. I went to Osaka Castle! It was a very tiring trek up to the castle, it was long, and up hill, and then lots of stairs (up and down) once inside. Then I had a fabulous meal before heading back. My feet and legs were done.

Technically, I could also write up a recap of Sunday, since I’m sooo far into the future, but I’ll keep my blog on California time. πŸ˜›

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