Sunday Post #138: Flooood!!!

Posted January 15, 2023 by Angie in Sunday Post / 6 Comments

So the rain has continued and we actually did get flooded in on Monday and Tuesday. My bus wasn’t running until Tuesday afternoon, but those were my days off so it didn’t matter! Why couldn’t we have flooded later in the week, so I could get extra days off?!?! Nature is cruel. And then the power went out Tuesday night as well. Only for a couple hours.

But then a turn of fate! I could not get out of bed on Thursday. I woke up to let Fiona out and felt like death, went back to bed, and didn’t wake up again until 1PM! I have to get ready at 1:15 and leave by 1:55 to catch my bus! But I was so dead and stuffy and sneezy. Not COVID! Just a bad cold, probably from being out in the rain to walk to the bus and back home. Oh well. This was my first time EVER calling into work, aside from the one time I had jury duty.

But that is not the final plot twist, dear reader! Yesterday, I’m waiting at the bus stop and then a text alert….CANCELLED!!! The rain had been super bad that morning, and the roads once again flooded. So I had to turn around and walk home. Thankfully, it was only sprinkling at this point.

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6 responses to “Sunday Post #138: Flooood!!!

  1. the weather has been crazy – at least it let you have one day off. Bummer that being sick kept you home one day, but yay for it not being COVID at least. Hopefully things are better this week!

  2. Oh man, sounds like a crazy week! Our weather hasn’t been too bad lately. We’ve had a bit of rain too up here in Washington, but not to the point of flooding. At least not where I live. And it has been 35-40 degrees lately which is a nice break from being constantly below 20 the last couple of weeks. It feel downright warm 😆 Okay, not really. But it’s nice it’s not so cold anymore. Lol.

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