Sunday Post #128: Brrr, it’s cold in here!

Posted November 6, 2022 by Angie in Sunday Post / 8 Comments

It’s finally fully fall! Say that ten times fast! In fact, it’s super cold, which I am fine with, since I hate the heat. We had a few days of crazy wind where the power and/or internet kept going out, which was annoying. But I’m enjoying being bundled up in hoodies and socks and my Snuggie and big winter blankets! And hot chocolate (which I actually drink year round because a/c is cold!)!!

This week went by fast, but the individual days seemed to drag. It was weird. But here we are, another week gone! Work was….well, it was work. Either chaos or crazy slow. I also started officially planning my trip to Japan! Finally! I was booked to go for a week back in 2020, but we all know how that went. Japan finally opened their borders last month, and I am preparing to go in March! I’m just trying to settle on the exact dates, by comparing flights and hotels for that time.

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8 responses to “Sunday Post #128: Brrr, it’s cold in here!

  1. Japan!! Ooh that sounds so fun!! It is also getting very cold here, but my issue is that we’re supposed to be getting snow this weekend and I don’t want it 😭 I wouldn’t mind snow if I didn’t have to drive in it. Lol.

    • I originally booked my trip to Japan in 2019 for early 2020, so obviously that never happened. Now I’m finally able to go! And instead of just a week, I’m going for three months. It’s going to be epic! 😀

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