Sunday Post #125: Happy Birthday to Meee!

Posted October 16, 2022 by Angie in Sunday Post / 2 Comments

Happyhappy birthday to myself! It’s not actually going to be that happy, since I have to work all night, but whatever. I’m the ripe ol’ age of 33! I have hopefully gotten my once a year celebratory coffee and cheeseburger (I’m weird, I know!).

Last week started with another fun Night Huntress book chat! We finished off the main series, which means just two more books to go! And then another three book spinoff in January! I’m super excited for those, since I haven’t read those books yet! That chat is happening the day after I get back from Disney World, so hopefully I won’t be too tired! And I hope I actually remember what happened in the books, since I have to read them all before I leave…

Other than that, it’s been quiet. Nothing going on. At all.

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New Books:

From the Library:

That’s it! I didn’t expect it to show up so fast!

But, I mean…if you want to get me something to show off next week, I’ll just leave these ( one | two ) right here…no pressure, of course! I don’t actually expect to get anything. But it doesn’t hurt to try!

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2 responses to “Sunday Post #125: Happy Birthday to Meee!

    • Thank yooou! I literally just had my mom take me to In-N-Out for lunch, then drop me off at work. Where I basically slacked off all night. 😛

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