Sunday Post #123: Happy October!

Posted October 2, 2022 by Angie in Sunday Post / 4 Comments

It’s finally the bestest month of the year! The temperature will finally drop about mid-month, then it’s my birthday, and finally Halloween! YES!

Last week went by super fast! Perhaps because I had three days off in a row? Work was kind of annoying, mostly because we got a new lead. She was lead for another department, and yet I still had multiple bad interactions with her (she’s the one who said I can’t go to the bathroom unless I’m on break, yeah right). Now she’s with us and she’s coming in strong! I hope she starts working days so she leaves soon after I arrive, but I’m never that lucky. But on the bright side, she is working on reigning in the chaos.

I’m still having tons of fun in Disney Dreamlight Valley, of course. I want to start rearranging and decorating my valley now that I have everyone moved in (at least until the Scar update) and a ton of furniture unlocked. I also feel like moving all of the fruit trees into one spot would make foraging more convenient, and an orchard would look nice.

It was also an awesome streaming weekend! I have free Paramount+ through work, which means I finally get to watch Season 7 of All Star Drag Race! I already know who won, but it’s still a fun season so far. Then there was also the finale of the Secret Celebrity Drag Race. Yes, I am obsessed with Drag Race. And of course…Hocus Pocus 2 (terrible)!

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4 responses to “Sunday Post #123: Happy October!

  1. I am so happy it’s October! I’ve been ready for fall since June 😆 But the weather here is still stuck in summer mode… it’s been 80 degrees and above and I don’t like it! Lol

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