Sometimes I Do Things Other Than Read!

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is Non-Bookish Hobbies! Do I have any hobbies that don’t revolve around books and reading? Yes, I actually do!

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1. Yoga – If you follow me on the ‘Gram, then you know I have a daily yoga practice which has been going on since 2016. I don’t feel right if I don’t do yoga. It’s the first or second thing that I do every single morning, before I even think about touching a book!

2. Workout – Before I do my yoga, I workout 5-6 days per week. My preferred programs are PIIT28 and Fitness Blender’s workout programs. I switch between them during the year. I just finished three rounds of PIIT28, so now I’m doing Fitness Blender Fit Round 2 which is eight weeks. Then I needed to decide what to kick off the new year with.

3. The Sims –  I haven’t been playing as much lately, but I go through cycles where it’s all I want to do, then I won’t play for several months. My laptop is fully loaded with TS2, TS3, and TS4. I lost my Medieval disc. Boo! TS2 is forever and ever and ever the superior game and I finally got it to work on this laptop, so I’m excited to jump back into that one. I do play TS3 the most often. I just love all of the options in it. I haven’t quite gotten into TS4 yet. I pop in every once and a while, but it feels incomplete. But, then again, I only have a couple of EPs and GPs.

4. Puppies – If you didn’t already know, I have three Shih Tzus (Miss Scarlet, Odette, and Fiona). They’re fun and sometimes they think I’m fun too and want to hang out with me. Now that the smoke is gone and it’s not 90 degrees at 9AM, I can start walking Scarlet again. I’m going to see if Fiona likes to walk, and if not, she’ll get to ride in the wagon with Odette.

5. Podcasts – Two years ago I never thought I’d become a podcast addict! But I am! Now that I no longer work in an office, I don’t listen as much, but I still sit with a couple of episodes in the morning while taking care of daily tasks. I also listen while walking the doggies. My favorites are Choose FI, The Highest Self Podcast, By the Book, Disney Time, and The Minimalists Podcast. I listen to a lot more than this, so feel free to ask me about them!

6. Movies – Disney! I mostly watching Disney+ because I prefer Disney movies over all else. Did you know that I have a movie blog? Well, I do. It’s nothing serious. Just a fun way to track what I’m watching.

7. Disney Vacations – Is this even a hobby? I’m counting it. Whatever. I actually love planning vacations almost as much as going on them! I’ve been going to Disneyland or Disney World annually since 2016 after not having gone since 2007, which was waaay too long! I’ve been trying to get to Tokyo Disney, and hope that can happen in 2021.

8. Learning Japanese – This hobby has actually been on hold. I was doing super well, but then my Tokyo trip was cancelled and I got very discouraged. I want to get back into it so that I’m prepared whenever international travel is allowed and safe.

9. Cooking – I’m not really sure if this is a hobby either, because I don’t really do it for fun. But I am a meal-prepper. I typically cook my lunch and dinner for the week all at once. Sometimes I make breakfasts and snacks as well. I keep things pretty simple. My lunches are normally a protein (chicken or fish, mostly) and veggies (almost always broccoli, kale, or Brussels sprouts). My dinners are soups and stews; just throw everything into a pot and go! Sometimes I do mix it up and make something in my Ninja Foodi. I LOVE that thing! It makes it so easy to make my own bone broth and it air fries! Last week I made a pot roast with potatoes. Just throw everything in, seal it, and let it do it’s thing!

10. Sleeping – Definitely not a traditional hobby, but it’s something I love doing! I look forward to bedtime every night! I typically go to bed around 9:30PM, sometimes earlier. I’m not a very good napper anymore. Last week was something else, because my internal clock was all kinds of messed up and I was exhausted, so I took a nap nearly every day. Normally I don’t. I just go to bed early.

This list was oddly hard to put together! Most of my time is spent reading and blogging! But these are the other activities that I participate in from time to time and enjoy when I do get to them.

Do you enjoy doing any of these things as much as I do?

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