Series Reports I Forgot to Write…Oops!

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While finishing up my drafts for the month, I had a big shock. I hadn’t actually written most of the series reports that I had scheduled to go up! I had the notes that I took when I read them (last year) but nothing else! For the most part, I can barely remember these books since it’s been so long since I read them. But of course, I didn’t have much to say about them to begin with, hence one post for the entire series rather than for each book.

Well, here are those series that I completely forgot about and feel bad for it. I’ve got a few things to stay about them from what little I did remember and from my sparse notes.

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Darius the Great #1-2 by Adib Khorram

I actually adored both of these books! I’ve read Darius the Great is Not Okay twice (once in print, once on audio) and enjoyed it both times. The sequel is quite different, but still thoroughly enjoyable. I think the author did a great job of portraying depression in Darius and his father, as well as Darius’s struggle of not feeling Persian enough for his Persian family, but also he’s not white like the white side of his family. And then the second book tackles sex and consent.

Sea and Stars #1-3 by S.D. Simper

I’m not huge on mermaid books, but I did enjoy this F/F Fantasy series featuring a princess and a mermaid priestess. It was not at all what I was expecting, with way more dark twists and turns than I anticipated.

Lords of Masquerade #1-3 by Jade Lee

This was a trio of pretty good Historical Romances. They follow three friends who find love and solve mysteries! They have a darker tone to them, but not too dark. I honestly can’t even remember anything about them at this point, but I liked them.

Irresistibly Bound #1-4 by Anna Stone

I really enjoyed these F/F Romances. They’re very trope heavy which was a lot of fun. They’re close to being too tropey and cheesy, but I think there’s something here for everyone!

In the Middle of Somewhere #1-3 by Roan Parrish

I liked this series, but it was pretty slow and heavy. It deals with a lot of serious issues and dark topics. No one is healed by the power of love, but they are more issues focused.

Highlander #1-7 by Karen Marie Moning

I had read the first two books years ago and really enjoyed, then finally finished the series last year. It was very up and down, as the plots did get repetitive and sometimes totally weird. They’re fun time travel romances though.

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