Series Report: Bedlam Butchers MC by Ruby Dixon

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Bedlam Butchers MC is the last of Ruby Dixon’s series that I read, because…well because I had to get through all of her awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff first before giving her motorcycle club romances a try. I had only read a couple of MCC novellas before and they weren’t my thing, but Ruby Dixon is magic and I actually did enjoy this series! Am I going to seek out more now? Nope. If she writes more for this series, will I read those? Absolutely!

Let’s start off with some content warnings which seem to be standard for these kind of books: violence, murder, death, gore, kidnapping, human trafficking, attempted rape, and white supremacists (rival gang). If any of these things are triggering or off-putting to you, skip these novellas.

The first three novellas are super good! I was very pleasantly surprised by them. They were nothing like the other MCC romances I had read. They were more…toned down, I guess. They never got deep into the problematic realm, and stuck more to the sexytimes.

And the sexytimes are good! With the exception of Off Limits, the entire series revolves around threesomes! The Bedlam Butchers do everything in pairs, including sex. Which means these four lucky ladies all get to men of their very own! And yes there is DP these books! Yes!

Double Dare you also contains a bisexual hero. He actually uses the word on the page and there are some M/M and M/M/F scenes! It’s also the only book with a detailed plot and was the most fun to read.

About Each Book:

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Series Report: Bedlam Butchers MC by Ruby DixonOff Limits, Packing Double, and Double Trouble by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on December 21, 2014
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eBook (219 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Purchase: Amazon
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OFF LIMITS - Lucky and Solo
Lucky…isn’t. In fact, she’s considered ‘off limits’ to the Bedlam Butchers because she’s caused them nothing but bad luck in the past. As a bonus? She’s also the president’s kid sister. Single and lonely? That’s Lucky’s way of life. Now, the Eighty-Eight Henchmen are harassing her and they’re out for blood.

Solo…is. In a club where pairing up with a brother to watch your back is mandatory, Solo still hasn’t gotten over his partner’s death two years ago. The club’s pressuring him to name a second Treasurer, but he has to trust that person in bed and out. And it’s damn hard for Solo to trust.

But when he rescues Lucky from the Eighty-Eight, maybe it’s time for Solo to find a partner, and time for Lucky’s luck to turn around…

PACKING DOUBLE - Kitty, Domino, and Gemini
When Kitty hears about the notorious ‘panty raid’ happening at a bar Friday night, she heads in looking for a good time with no strings attached. She might want to get laid, but she does not want to be part of any motorcycle club’s lifestyle. She’s not good with following directions or taking orders, and she’s been told that’s what an old lady does.

But when she meets Gemini and Domino, everything changes. The dual presidents of the Bedlam Butchers, they stake their claim on Kitty and decide to show her what the club lifestyle is really about: riding free, living on the edge, and letting them show her just how good being claimed by two men can be. Kitty might like being the center of their attentions, but when her life takes a dangerous turn, she has to decide who to trust both in bed and out of it.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Shy, Beast, and Muscle
In the world of motorcycle clubs, a snitch is a dead man. And the Bedlam Butchers have a snitch who’s intent on taking down one of the newest members of their club.

Shy knows just who the snitch is, too–it’s her older brother. But she can’t do anything about it, because Shy’s got no one to protect her. If she tells what she knows, her brother’s going to sell her out to his new, dangerous buddies. If she keeps quiet, she’s still at risk from the Butchers. She needs someone at her back. Enforcers Muscle and Beast are the perfect solution… if she has the guts to make a play.

Beast’s big hulking form and a face only a mother could love drives most women away. Muscle’s pretty as could be, but he’s got a nasty attitude and a brick wall around his heart. No one wants to get in their bed…which means they’re perfect for Shy’s needs. When the three get together, it’s obvious that these men need Shy just as much as she needs them. And now she wants to stay for entirely different reasons than just safety.

But what’s going to happen when they find out Shy has been withholding information?


Series Report: Bedlam Butchers MC by Ruby DixonDouble Down, Double or Nothing, and Slow Ride by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on May 30, 2015
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eBook (194 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Purchase: Amazon
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Collecting the heart-pounding second trilogy in the ongoing saga of the Bedlam Butchers and the ladies that love them…

Shy loves Beast and Muscle. The two brutal Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers have taken her into their arms and their life. Nothing can ruin her happiness…except the rest of the club. To make matters worse, cocky, outrageous Muscle has shut down entirely. Something’s bothering him, bringing war flashbacks with it, and it’s threatening to destroy everything...

Shy's found a fragile happiness with her Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers. But a rival MC has decided that what's in the past shouldn't stay there. With loads of blackmail information on the line, Beast might be going back to prison unless they can make a deal. But what the other club is asking for is nothing less than Shy herself...

Lucky’s the first woman to ever be patched in the Bedlam Butchers, and she’s still trying to figure out where she stands. The guys keep protecting her from the worst club business, and well, treating her like a girl. To make matters worse? She’s pregnant. How’s she supposed to be a tough biker if she’s got a baby on the way?


Series Report: Bedlam Butchers MC by Ruby DixonDouble Dare You (Bedlam Butchers #7) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on August 7, 2016
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eBook (171 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Purchase: Amazon
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Becka isn’t the daring sort. She’s a chemistry nerd on vacation from college. She certainly wasn’t supposed to be stolen by a rival MC and sold as a plaything. Now, she needs a hero…or two.

Locke and Epic might be ride partners, but they’re not yet friends. Epic is freshly patched and Locke’s carrying a lot of baggage from the betrayal of his last partner. But when they’re given a new task – find Becka and bring her home – the men have to work as a team to protect her.

And, as the threesome spend time alone, they realize that not only are they better together, but that a few teasing dares just might bring them closer…in a lot of sexy ways.


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