Review: You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up by Elizabeth April

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Review: You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up by Elizabeth AprilYou're Not Dying You're Just Waking Up by Elizabeth April
Published by Self Published on March 28, 2021
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Hello curious soul.

There’s a reason you were drawn to this book. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with what you’ve been told you “should be.” Maybe you know there’s something bigger out there, waiting for you, but the people in your life just don’t understand. Maybe you feel crazy or alone, like part of you is dying. You’re not dying. You’re just waking up. Even if you have seen my content before, it's time to strap in and hold on tight because this is not your average text. It’s your soul’s reminder of how powerful you are, and of how much you already know! Stop living your life in safety and stagnation. Stop making choices through obligation and attachment. Step up, live your life to the fullest.

You are ready, and the world is waiting.


The Universe thrust this book upon me, and I’m glad that it did. On this particular day, I was having trouble deciding what book to start next, which is very unlike me. I normally read for an hour or two in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up, but while deciding, everyone woke up early. I took the dogs for their walk and was listening to the latest episode of the Highest Self Podcast, and Elizabeth April was a guest. I found her story and insights extremely fascinating, so I looked up her website as soon as I got home and saw that her book was available on KU. Of course, that decided what my next book was going to be.

You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up is about awakening. Moving your life out of autopilot so you can open yourself up to higher vibrations. She takes us through each stage of what happens during an awakening, with examples from her own life. It’s all very interesting and quite intuitive. Some of her ideas are quite radical though. This book will not be for everyone, but I’m sure if you’re stumbling upon it, it’s likely for a reason.

What I liked most about You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up was that it’s extremely inclusive. You don’t have to be a certain type of person to go on this journey. You just have to be open to the possibilities. There’s no barriers to entry, except your own willingness to try. Spirituality can seem very exclusive, or like you need to have certain “abilities” to be part of the community. The author makes it clear that’s not the case at all. We all have the potential for psychic abilities and enlightenment. It’s just up to us to go after it.

Where You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up lost me for a moment was toward the middle where the author made the sudden jump to talking about how humans are a genetic experiment run by inter-dimensional beings (aka aliens). Now, I do believe in aliens, and knew from the podcast that she transmits messages from these beings to us. However, this chapter just felt like it came out of nowhere.

It’s not that I don’t believe what she was saying, but I’m not at the point in my journey where I can say that I do fully believe her either. It was a bit much for me at this time. And that’s okay. It gives me something to think about and explore. I’m certainly open to the idea, but I would have liked this point to be a whole book on its own. I wanted more of the how to open up to the Universe to download this knowledge.

In the end, I was very intrigued by the ideas presented in You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up. It was clearly what I need to read right now, and it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my feelings and beliefs. I just wanted to go deeper. This book is a very high level overview on the topics of metaphysics and consciousness. I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more information.

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