Review: When Tara Met Farah (Bollywood Dance & Drama Society, #1) by Tara Pammi

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Review: When Tara Met Farah (Bollywood Dance & Drama Society, #1) by Tara PammiWhen Tara Met Farah (Bollywood Dance & Drama Society #1) by Tara Pammi
Published by Self Published on January 26, 2021
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ, New Adult Fiction, Romance
Format: eBook (181 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Sunshine Girl needs math lessons…

Nineteen-year-old Tara Muvvala didn’t mean to lead a double life. But her bone-deep aversion to math + a soul-deep desire to please her mother = her failing math grade + exploding food vlog ‘this masala life’.

Enter her mother’s research intern and resident math genius Farah Ahmed. Tara makes a deal with Farah - help her pass the math course and she’ll welcome Farah into the local Bollywood Drama & Dance Society.

Grumpy girl gets life lessons…,

After losing her mom to a heart attack, dumping her small-minded boyfriend (she’s
bisexual, not confused) and reluctantly moving to the US to be near her dad - all in the span of eighteen months, twenty-three-year-old Farah has hit the full quota on LIFE. Two things keep her going - her internship with a brilliant statistics professor and the possibility of meeting her dancing idol through the Bollywood Drama & Dance Society. That is, if her new hot-mess housemate will let her.

Soon Tara and Farah are bonding over chicken biryani, dancing to Bollywood Beats at midnight and kissing... against all the odds. And maybe beginning to realize that while life’s even more complicated than math, love is the one variable that changes everything!

Will they realize that together they have the recipe for a Happily Ever After?


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains grief and discussion of death.

The Basics:

When Tara Met Farah is told in alternating POV as told by…Tara and Farah! Tara is nineteen and struggling to pass her algebra class. Luckily, Farrah, her mom’s intern, is staying with them and is a math genius! She’s also totally hot.

My Thoughts:

When Tara Met Farah was delightful. That is not a word I use often, but it’s the best way to describe this opposites-attract F/F romance. I adored it from the first chapter with Tara telling us just how horny she’s been, only to walk in on Farrah in the shower. Sexy meet-cute? Check!

One thing that really surprised me about When Tara Met Farah was that it covers a topic that I hadn’t read before, or even really thought about. Normally we have characters who are the first in their family to go to college or the first to go to grad school or something. Well, Tara is the first in her family to fail high school. Yep, she did not graduate because she failed algebra. I’m sure this is common, and I liked how the author handled it. Tara is beating herself up a bit, but she handles it by getting a hot tutor.

I also adored Farah. She’s the grump in this grumpy-sunshine pairing, despite Tara being the one stressed out over school and Farah being a recent college graduate. She reminded me of myself: either silent or seemingly rude. We say what we need to say, when it needs to be said. Sorry, not sorry. What I didn’t like was that her chapters switched to third-person.

When Tara Met Farah was just a cute read with yummy food! I love Indian food and just wanted to climb into the pages and gobble up everything Tara was cooking!

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