Review: Veronica’s Dragon (Icehome, #2) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Veronica’s Dragon (Icehome, #2) by Ruby DixonVeronica's Dragon (Icehome #2) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on May 23, 2018
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (282 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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It’s a given on the ice planet, forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the ‘khui’. With resonance, a guy and a girl are paired up because they’ll make great babies. It’s a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely-populated world we’re stranded on… and romantic, in a weird, alien way.

Everyone expects resonance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world. I doubt anyone expects the gorgeous, golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me, though. He’s fierce. Flirty. Powerful. Disgustingly handsome.

I’m… not any of those things. I’m bland. Boring. Clumsy.

But resonance seems to think we’d be great together. And Ashtar does, too…


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains one mention of suicide, discussions of slavery and abduction, and some violence and gore.

The Basics:

Veronica’s Dragon happens concurrently with Lauren’s Barbarian, starting at the same place, but deviating from there. Veronica and Ashtar are the first in this new group to resonate, and things do not go how either of the expected. But what ever does on this planet?

My Thoughts:

Veronica’s Dragon is super fun! Mostly because Ashtar is just a riot, and the Icehome tribe is like a mob of unruly children. I feel so bad for the sa-khui who are trying to help them get their village set up. Everyone just keeps disappearing, coming back, getting injured; they’re a mess!

Back to Veronica and Ashtar. Even before resonance, Ashtar knew Veronica was for him. If you’ve read the Fireblood Dragon series, you’ll know that the drakoni have a keen sense of smell and can actually sniff out their mate. He didn’t even need his khui to point her out! She did, but Ashtar was on her from the moment he woke up. Everyone is telling him that he needs to slow down, but this man is sooo cocky! There’s no way his mate will reject him! Well, Veronica isn’t just going to jump into the furs with him. She has her own wants and needs!

Much of Veronica’s Dragon takes place out in the snowy mountains, after Ashtar whisks Veronica away in the name of protection. These two bicker like crazy, because Ashtar is overly protective and stubborn, but Veronica isn’t some wilting flower. It’s so funny when Ashtar would admit in his head that he’s wrong and she’s right, but he won’t admit it outloud. He also quickly realizes that he knows nothing about surviving on this planet and perhaps he does need the tribe to help take care of his mate. Oh, silly man.

I really enjoyed Veronica’s Dragon. Veronica herself isn’t the most interesting of the women, but luckily she has a special ability that makes her stand out from the crowd. Ashtar was amazing though. This cocky gladiator needed to be knocked down a few pegs, but he didn’t mind when it was his mate doing the knocking.

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