Review: The New Girl by Jesse Q. Sutanto

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Review: The New Girl by Jesse Q. SutantoThe New Girl by Jesse Q. Sutanto
Published by Sourcebooks Fire on February 1, 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense, Young Adult Fiction
Format: eBook (354 pages)
Source: Library
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Lia Setiawan has never really fit in. When she wins a full ride to the prestigious Draycott Academy on a track scholarship, she's determined to make it work even though she's never felt more out of place. But on her first day there she witnesses a girl being forcefully carried away by campus security. Her new schoolmates and teachers seem unfazed, but it leaves her unsure of what she's gotten herself into. As she uncovers the secrets of Draycott, complete with a corrupt teacher, a golden boy who isn't what he seems, and a blackmailer determined to get her thrown out, she's not sure if she can trust anyone--especially when the threats against her take a deadly turn.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains underage drinking and drug use, overdosing, death, murder, suicide, bullying, blackmail, and gaslighting.

The Basics:

The New Girl is narrated by sixteen-year-old Lia, a new transfer scholarship student at a top tier boarding school. All she wants to do is pass her classes, get on the varsity track team, and earn a college scholarship. Too bad that the current students have other plans for her.

My Thoughts:

After absolutely loving The Obsession, I was super excited for The New Girl. I also love stories with people from the “wrong side of the tracks” infiltrating the world of the rich and elite. Lia receives a scholarship to the prestigious Draycott boarding school, where she’ll be on the track team and hopefully get a college scholarship once she graduates. But nearly as soon as she arrives, everything beings to unravel. She knocks the most vindictive girl off the track team leading to much harassment. Her English teacher is a snob and a creep and is failing her, meaning she can’t be on the track team and will lose her scholarship. And not to mention, she inherited the dorm room of a girl who was expelled and supposedly went crazy from drug use. It’s chaos!

I really enjoyed The New Girl in the beginning. I liked Lia. She’s determined to to well at this new school, despite everyone being against her. But she’s quickly pulled into this wild lifestyle of drinking and drugs and sneaking around and digging up dirt on others. She falls fast! Then when a student and teacher wind up dead? Whoa. Lia is in deep. Most of her decisions from this point on make zero sense, but we get her inner monologue which shows that she know she’s making no sense and needs to fix her mistakes, but it’s obviously too late, and she just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper and deeper.

The ending is where it lost me though. I had my suspicions on who may have been behind some of the weird happenings, and I was right. But then the perpetrator starts their villain monologue and I was not convinced. I don’t get their motivation at all. I was left with a big “huh?!” And then it just ends. There’s no closure. It’s just over. Lia faces this person, doesn’t own up to her own involvement in everything that happens, and it just ends.

The New Girl was a very fun read. I loved being immersed in this awful boarding school full of even more awful people. Lia’s descent into…not madness, but she definitely lost herself along the way was interesting and chaotic. The whole thing was over-the-top in the best way, until the ending. It just fizzled.

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