Review: The Highwayman’s Bite (Scandals With Bite, #6) by Brooklyn Ann

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Review: The Highwayman’s Bite (Scandals With Bite, #6) by Brooklyn AnnThe Highwayman's Bite (Scandals With Bite, #6) by Brooklyn Ann
Published by Broken Angels on December 5, 2017
Genres: Adult Fiction, Historical, Paranormal, Romance
Format: eBook (343 pages)
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One stolen kiss

When Vivian Stratford ruins her reputation by challenging a suitor to a duel, she is packed off to her great uncle’s estate until the scandal blows over. On the way, her carriage is stopped by a rakish highwayman. Vivian unsheathes her rapier and duels with the thief. He steals a kiss before disappearing into the night.

Rogue vampire, Rhys Berwyn, robs carriages to help his mortal descendants pay the mortgage on their farm. Sadly, he cannot steal enough to pay off the massive debt owed to the Lord Vampire of Blackpool, and time is running out before his family will be evicted.

Will change her life forever…

When Rhys discovers that the beautiful swordswoman he encountered is none other than Blackpool’s niece, he abducts her and holds her for ransom for the money to save the family farm.

While he keeps Vivian tucked away in a seaside cave, Rhys has trouble keeping his promise to leave his delectable hostage untouched.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains kidnapping and deadnaming.

The Basics:

This is the sixth book in the series, but it does standalone. We briefly meet Rhys in Wynter’s Bite, but you don’t have to read that one to follow the story here. I’d still recommend the entire series though. Rhys is a rogue vampire who is taking care of his human family, but Vivian’s uncle is about to foreclose their farm. So he does what any good highwayman would do: kidnaps Vivian and holds her for ransom.

My Thoughts:

The Highwayman’s Bite was another wonderful addition to this series! I can never get enough vampires! Especially when there’s biting during sex, so be prepared! But I adored it from the beginning as Vivian is sent to stay with her uncle for awhile after challenging a man to a duel! She totally would have won too if things had progressed that far. Her uncle just wants to marry her off, but that is not what Vivian wants at all. None of that matters though because she and her companion are kidnapped by the handsome highwayman who robbed them on their way into town! Very exciting stuff.

Obviously, Vivian and Rhys fall in love while he’s holding her hostage. He’s a very nice kidnapper and doesn’t bring any harm to her or her companion, because then we wouldn’t be able to cheer for him! The outlaw with a heart of gold! I really enjoyed their time together far out in his cave.

One thing that I loved and was simultaneously bothered by in The Highwayman’s Bite was Madame Renarde. At first Rhys mistakes her for a cross-dresser, which is understandable as this is set at a time when people weren’t as educated and accepting of trans people. But from there she’s continuously referred to as having been born a man, having a man’s body, etc. Vivian even uses her deadname while discussing her with Rhys! I loved the inclusion of a transgender lady’s companion, and Madame Renarde was an interesting character on her own, but I think her portrayal should have been handled better.

Other than that, I adored The Highwayman’s Bite. It’s a pretty standard Historical Paranormal Romance with no real surprises. Everyone has to get their happy ending, even if it’s delightfully cheesy. Love always wins!

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  1. Sophia Rose

    It does sound like a light and fun adventure mixed with a vampire romance. Kudos for a trans secondary character.

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