Review: The Adventurers by Bryce Oakley

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Review: The Adventurers by Bryce OakleyThe Adventurers by Bryce Oakley
Published by Self Published on May 8, 2020
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, LGBTQ, Romance
Format: eBook (242 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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They're about to embark on their greatest adventure yet.

Joey Moore got her heart stomped on. At her engagement party. So, she did what any normal, completely rational 28-year-old would do — she moved to a new city with her dog to start a new life. Without much of a plan, it turns out.

Kendall O’Hara doesn’t enjoy chaos — at 42-years-old, she has a stable job and a cat she likes more than most people. Okay, all people. She likes routine (and yelling the correct Jeopardy answers right before the contestants do). She’s not boring. She’s just protecting a her still-healing heart decades later.

When Joey and Kendall’s paths cross, a rocky start with an accidental laundry switch turns into an unlikely friendship. From there, the two friends make a pact to get out of their comfort zones, one piece of paper drawn from an “Adventure Jar” at a time. A growing mutual attraction leads them on an adventure that neither one might have expected…


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains pet and pregnancy emergencies (no deaths).

The Basics:

The Adventurers is an age-gap F/F Contemporary Romance. Joey, twenty-eight, was just dumped by her fiancee, so she moves an hour away with her dog. Kendall, forty-two, is a veterinarian who doesn’t do relationships, but she can’t help but find Joey adorable when they accidental swap laundry.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed The Adventurers! I’m a sucker for books with dogs, and age-gape romances are my jam, so this was perfect. It all starts when Joey opts for a change in scenery to distance herself from her ex and pity. She goes to the laundromat, where she runs into Kendall, and their first meeting wasn’t exactly stellar. They each go home with the others laundry, but all is well when Joey’s dog eats her…um…sex toy, so she rushes him to the nearest vet. Don’t worry, Ozzie was fine, and everyone got their laundry back. Joey and Kendall also made a new friend.

Where The Adventurers hooked me was with Joey and Kendall creating their adventure jar. The two need some exciting, new experiences in their lives, so they write down things they’ve never done but always wanted to. They put them into a jar and then when life is feeling stale, they pick something. It was such a cute idea and it really let them get to know each other as friends before anything romantic happens. Of course, Joey puts several sexual tasks into the jar to add necessary tension and some hilarious mishaps.

The Adventurers was just a good time. There is some drama toward the end, but it’s nothing our lovers can’t handle. Obviously, Kendall has to get over her whole no relationships thing, and there’s also some work stress. Joey is patient and understanding through all of it. Ozzie is a sweet goober. I closed the book feeling satisfied.

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