Review: She Gets the Girl by by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick

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Review: She Gets the Girl by by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson DerrickShe Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott, Alyson Derrick
Published by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers on April 5, 2022
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ, New Adult Fiction, Romance
Format: eBook (381 pages)
Source: Library
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Alex Blackwood is a little bit headstrong, with a dash of chaos and a whole lot of flirt. She knows how to get the girl. Keeping her on the other hand…not so much. Molly Parker has everything in her life totally in control, except for her complete awkwardness with just about anyone besides her mom. She knows she’s in love with the impossibly cool Cora Myers. She just…hasn’t actually talked to her yet.

Alex and Molly don’t belong on the same planet, let alone the same college campus. But when Alex, fresh off a bad (but hopefully not permanent) breakup, discovers Molly’s hidden crush as their paths cross the night before classes start, they realize they might have a common interest after all. Because maybe if Alex volunteers to help Molly learn how to get her dream girl to fall for her, she can prove to her ex that she’s not a selfish flirt. That she’s ready for an actual commitment. And while Alex is the last person Molly would ever think she could trust, she can’t deny Alex knows what she’s doing with girls, unlike her.

As the two embark on their five-step plans to get their girls to fall for them, though, they both begin to wonder if maybe they’re the ones falling…for each other.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains alcoholism, jail, social anxiety, and internalized racism.

The Basics:

She Gets the Girl is narrated by eighteen-year-old college freshmen Molly and Alex. Molly is hoping to finally make some friends, overcome her anxiety, and possibly talk to her long time crush. Alex just wants to make ends meet while attending classes, taking care of her mom, and proving to her girlfriend that she can be faithful and emotionally available. The two girls meet and Alex offers to help Molly get the girl, while also having something to show her own girl that she’s changed.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed She Gets the Girl from the very beginning. It did lose me a bit at the end, but overall it’s nearly exactly what I wanted to read! Alex is this player who wants to prove to her girlfriend that she can change. Molly is shy and awkward and adorable. The two couldn’t be any more different except for their lack of friends and real relationships. Basically, it’s an opposites attract romance with a dash of fake dating (kind of, it’s cute!).

While the romance is super cute, it was not my favorite part of the She Gets the Girl. We already know where it’s going, it’s in the title! What really stood out to me was Molly and Alex making friends and having the college experience. Molly was especially relatable to me since I’m not good with people, but I do have two close friends. But we both basically rely on our moms for all relationship needs. It was always nice to see Molly open up bit by bit and realizing that she can be herself and still liked.

Molly’s crush on Cora was the most relatable thing though. I know most of us have had a crush on someone that we only ever admired from afar. We put them on a pedestal, and if we get the chance to know them, we realized that we don’t really know them at all. It’s all in our head. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, because we can get to know them. But…it’s a hard thing. Something Molly has to learn, but the lesson is kind of wasted since she has Alex right there.

She Gets the Girl absolutely dropped the ball on what I considered the most important plot thread: making friends! Yes, I know this is a Romance, but Molly and Alex desperately need friends. Alex only ever has a temporary girlfriend or a series of hook-ups; she needs someone that she’s not dating or sleeping with in her life! Poor Molly also jumped the friend-zone with her crush, only to have that crash and burn, and wind up with Alex. By the look of things, neither girl is going to be friends with Cora despite heading in that direction for most of the book. Platonic friendships are so important! I would have loved to see both of them find their friend group outside of their relationship.

I also didn’t like how Alex’s girlfriend Natalie wound up being the villain. I completely understood her frustration at Alex flirting with every girl she meets. But once they reunite and Alex is trying to show her how she’s changed, she just isn’t listening. She’s very nasty to Alex, which was uncalled for. There was a way to make it so that she was maybe indifferent because she’s ultimately getting what she wants anyway. But to be outright awful? It didn’t fit. We already know Alex wants Molly. We don’t need to villainize Natalie to make their break-up legit.

Overall, She Gets the Girl is wonderful. It’s extremely relatable and I loved Alex and Molly. Yes, I had some complaints about the direction the plot took, but it didn’t really dampen my enjoyment. Although this could have easily been five stars if it hadn’t derailed a bit.

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  1. Sounds like one that I would really enjoy! I’ll have to check it out for sure. Too bad about the friends thread though – lost opportunity for sure. Great review!

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