Review: Seduce Me at Sunrise (The Hathaways, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

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Review: Seduce Me at Sunrise (The Hathaways, #2) by Lisa KleypasSeduce Me at Sunrise (The Hathaways, ) by Lisa Kleypas
Published by St. Martin's Press on September 30, 2008
Genres: Adult Fiction, Historical, Romance
Format: eBook (384 pages)
Source: Library
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He has tried hard to forget her.

Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins—and he fears that the darkness of his past could crush delicate, luminous Win. So Kev refuses to submit to temptation…and before long Win is torn from him by a devastating twist of fate.

Can she remember the man he once was?

Then, Win returns to England…only to find that Kev has hardened into a man who will deny love at all costs. Meantime, an attractive, seductive suitor has set his sights on Win. It’s now or never for Kev to make his move. But first, he must confront a dangerous secret about his destiny—or risk losing the only woman he has lived for…


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains death, illness, mentions of suicide attempt, racism, and attempted murder.

The Basics:

Seduce Me at Sunrise is the story of Win Hathaway and Kev Merripen. We met them in the previous book and got some background on their love for each other, which neither has acted upon until now. Well, Win declares her love as she’s about to embark for France for medical treatment. However, Kev refuses to reciprocate because of reasons.

My Thoughts:

I was excited for Seduce Me at Sunrise after meeting Win and Kev in the previous book. These two have been in love with each other for years, but aren’t sure if the other returns their feelings. Plus, there’s the matter of Win being very frail after nearly dying from Scarlet Fever. I wanted to know how these two would make their romance work around her limitations or how he could help her regain her strength. None of that happens.

Win is sent away to a clinic in France at the start of Seduce Me at Sunrise and returns two years later with a hot doctor in tow! It’s like she was never sick at all! Leo had also gone away to work through his addiction and depression, meaning we won’t get that in his book either! What is the point?! These characters have physical and emotional odds to overcome and it’s entirely skipped over!

I did still enjoy Seduce Me at Sunrise. Win was a very surprising character. Everyone has always stepped on eggshells around her and view her as the pinnacle of ladylike behavior. But that’s just because she didn’t have the lung capacity for anything beyond sitting in bed and reading! Now, she’s a woman who knows her mind and wants to live life to the fullest. She isn’t going to let some man dictate to her how her marriage is going to be! There’s a moment toward the end where she stands up the villain and I was like WHOA CRAZY! Did not see that one coming for delicate Win!

Overall, Seduce Me at Sunrise was way better than Mine Till Midnight, but it still wasn’t great. I was missing the emotional connection to Win and Kev. But much like the prior book, the overall plot was better than the romance. It was nice to see Kev and Cam work together to figure out what happened to their parents and tribe.

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