Review: Nadine’s Champion (Icehome, #8) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Nadine’s Champion (Icehome, #8) by Ruby DixonNadine's Champion (Icehome #8) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on October 3, 2019
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (209 pages)
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Of all the men on the Icehome beach, Thrand's the most competitive and most aggravating. He's cocky. Arrogant. Turns everything into a rivalry. He's a pain in the you know what.

He also keeps insisting that I kiss him. After all, I'm the one that told him a kiss didn't mean anything. It shouldn't. A kiss is just a kiss as far as humans are concerned. But Thrand's a clone, a race of people called a'ani, and he's been brought up to play hard and to win.

And he wants to win me.

But does Thrand want me for the right reasons? Or am I just another conquest?


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains one brief mention of rape.

The Basics:

Nadine’s Champion takes us back very briefly to the game of spin-the-bottle in Angie’s Gladiator, which is where the attraction between her and Thrand first started. Then it jumps back up to the present, so if you didn’t read the previous books, you won’t be lost.

My Thoughts:

Nadine’s Champion was fun! Thrand is just so silly and competitive and excitable! Now that his “dedication” to Angie is wearing off, his attraction to Nadine has been growing. He cannot stop thinking of their first kiss even if it was just a game. But Thrand likes games. Thrand really likes to win and turns everything into a competition where he can be the best. For the most part, it’s nonsense to make Nadine laugh since she’s missing her family. At least until he does something crazy and gets into big trouble.

Thrand and Nadine make a cute couple, but it’s mostly thanks to Thrand. Nadine is a kind of blah heroine. There’s nothing wrong with her, but there’s nothing particularly compelling about her either. She’s the only Black girl in this new group, so there’s that. She was a good fit for Thrand though, since she can keep up with his games and likes to play herself.

The plot of Nadine’s Champion was pretty exciting though. The return of Old Grandfather! Thrand catches the giant sky-claw’s attention and must be rescued! This is only a handful of chapters, but I was here for it! A deadly rescue mission mixed with resonance?! WTF?! Did they really fulfill resonance right there?! Such a random location!

I liked Nadine’s Champion a lot. We also got more peeks into some of the other couples, especially Bridget and A’tam. Those two need to get it together! I’m starting to feel bad for Sessah though. He’s clearly over the moons for Tia, but that girl is trouble! I know her book won’t be for awhile yet since she’s still so young, but I want it!

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