Review: Kaspar (Corsair Brothers, #2) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Kaspar (Corsair Brothers, #2) by Ruby DixonKaspar (Corsair Brothers #2) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on June 1, 2021
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (475 pages)
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I live for danger. For excitement. For adventure.

When I end up in an escape pod with Alice, though, my world changes. She’s human. Vulnerable. She does NOT love danger, or excitement. But her mind is clever, her retorts sharp, and her smile brings me to my knees. I want nothing more than to keep her safe…and keep her at my side.

What does one danger-loving corsair do when he’s stranded with a beautiful human female on a jungle planet? I’m about to find out…


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains death, blood, violence, assault, attempted cannibalism, and mentions of rape and trafficking.

The Basics:

Kaspar is the second book of the Corsair Brothers series, and yes, you should read the first book to know why our MCs are floating through space in an escape pod with no supplies. This one is also directly related to Bad Guy, which you can read before or after (I read it before, since it was published first). You’ll also probably want to read the original Corsairs series and possibly Risdaverse, since they are all interconnected. It’s more fun that way.

My Thoughts:

I am continuing to love this series! Kaspar brings even more space pirate adventures! Well, there isn’t much pirating but it’s definitely an adventure in space as Kaspar and Alice crash land on a jungle planet with no way of communicating with anyone to come to their rescue. But let’s back up for a moment. When the book first starts, our hero and heroine are still floating through space and things are tense. There’s nothing to do. Kaspar does suggest sex to pass the time but he respects Alice’s refusal. Good on you, Kas!

But where Kaspar really gets going is when Kaspar and Alice are trekking through the jungle and there’s all kinds of dangerous wildlife! Even the plants aren’t safe! I truly love stranded together plots, and those two are very much stranded together. Twice. First in the escape pod, then on the planet where they seek shelter in a tree house made for two. Obviously things have to start heating up, and I don’t just mean the temperature since this is an extremely humid planet. Wink wink wink.

From there things just get even more crazy. Kaspar and Alice need to get off the planet at some point, even though they’re both content living in simply domestic bliss. This is where Kaspar merges with Bad Guy, so if you read that one, you’ll know how they escape. We just get all of the details this time!

Of course, there’s also the romance between Kaspar and Alice. Aside from much sexy times while lost in the jungle, the two have to figure out their future. Do they settle down on the nice farm planet, or do they continue gallivanting through space? Alice has been lost in space enough for her liking, but Kaspar seeks adventure after a boring childhood (more on his backstory, but I won’t spoil it!).

I adored Kaspar (the book and the character). It was tons of fun with no shortage of danger and romance. And it’s always nice to reunite with everybody again. Now to find out what’s going on with Straik and Ruth!

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