Review: Inner Demons by Gloria Oliver

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Review: Inner Demons by Gloria OliverInner Demons by Gloria Oliver
Published by Mundania Press LLC on January 28, 2014
Genres: Adult Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Format: ARC (343 pages)
Source: NetGalley
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Tamara Williams had just settled down to a quiet evening at home when, one moment she's in her apartment then the next she's on a dark street with a set of headlights heading straight for her. Not only is she not where she's supposed to be, but she has three months of missing time. Yet in those months, she's seemingly ruined her best friend's engagement, blackmailed her boss, turned her back on her family and heritage, and worse. Now she's determined to find out how this happened, why, and then making those responsible pay! This is a tale about demonic possession and those left behind. Throw in a couple of fallen angels, the Ring of Solomon, and a possible demonic coup, and Tamara must deal with more than she ever expected.


Proceed with Caution:

This book contains prostitution, attempted murder, and not having control over your own body.

The Basics:

This Urban Fantasy is narrated by Tamara who just lost three months of her life. One second she’s on the phone with her BBF. The next, she’s in the middle of the road in clothing and a wig that she doesn’t recognize. What happened?!

My Thoughts:

I loved the premise of Inner Demons, but the plot never actual went anywhere. It started off great, so I had high hopes! After Tamara finds her way back to her apartment, only to not recognize anything around her, she does the logical thing: she calls for help! Well, she calls her best friend–it turns out that they’re not friends anymore because of something Tamara did when she was “out”–and her parents. After that she seriously considers that something medically must be wrong to have caused her to lose three months of her life! That is great! Too often, characters just run around in circles and ultimately accept their condition, without considering that something might be wrong that’s not paranormal.

Of course, Tamara’s problem was paranormal, not medical. She was possessed by a demon! An ex-priest turned demon hunter finds Tamara and fills her in on what happened. Inner Demons then takes on a roadtrip twist as Tamara and White hit the open road to track down the demon who ruined her life. Unfortunately, this is also where the plot lost me. It was fun while it lasted, but then they find some angels and I simply find angels boring as heck. There was nothing interesting about them at all. It turned into the cliched angels versus demons type plot, with nothing new to make it stand out.

The most disappointing part about Inner Demons was that it just ends. There’s no closure for Tamara after the big show down. Before she left she wrote to her friends and family about getting help and wanting to make amends in the future. Did she ever go back home? Did her BFF and mother ever call her or write back? Did they forgive her? What happened?!

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