Review: Idol Threats (H3RO, #4) by J.S. Lee

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Review: Idol Threats (H3RO, #4) by J.S. LeeIdol Threats (H3RO #4) by J.S. Lee
Published by Self Published on June 7, 2021
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook (171 pages)
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Some secrets should stay buried. Others need to be exorcised.

Managing a K-pop group was far easier than running an entertainment enterprise. However, with H3RO in the middle of their comeback, throwing myself into work is a necessary distraction from days spent missing the thrill of their touch.

The company Halloween party is coming up and I need to make sure it’s the event of the century. Unfortunately, even from his exile, my demon-spawn half-brother has found ways to sabotage all my efforts.

But the Halloween horrors don’t stop there.

A ghost from Kyun’s past has crawled out of the woodwork, threatening all the band has worked for. Telling Kyun seems the right thing to do, but Tae warns this is one secret that should be buried deep.

During the time of year of ghosts and goblins, I’m beginning to think both would be safer options than family.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains violence, blood, blackmail, and implied coercion.

The Basics:

Idol Threats is narrated by Holly Lee, newly appointed Vice Chairwoman of Atlantis Entertainment and ex-manager of K-Pop sensation H3RO. She’s also their girlfriend. Yes, all six of them. This is the fourth book in the series, so I’d recommend reading the previous three. They’re fantastic anyway. But this one does start a new plot thread for our MCs.

My Thoughts:

I am so happy to have more H3RO (the series and the group)! Idol Threats starts with Holly throwing herself into her new position while her boys are out on promotion. Her latest task is to plan the company’s annual Halloween bash, but her evil half-brother seems to be sabotaging her at every turn despite being exiled to Shanghai. Holly isn’t going to let him get to her though, and she has her six amazing boyfriends to help her out! I do wish the Halloween party had been a bigger part of the story, but I definitely understand why it wasn’t.

Much of Idol Threats focuses on Kyun. He’s got an unexpected visitor from his past who has been trying to get his attention. Holly wants Kyun to be safe and happy but she’s also not going to keep this from him and wants him to make his own decision. Of course, based on the title, I’m sure you guess how that goes! I felt so bad for Kyun and I know this isn’t going to be the last we see of this person.

The other main plot of Idol Threats was Holly’s relationship with Minhyuk. He’s the only guy she hasn’t had sex with yet, as he was a virgin before they all fell in love. There are plenty of adorable scenes of him trying to make things absolutely perfect for their first time, but living with five other guys? That doesn’t exactly scream privacy. Also, whose first time is ever perfect?! Minhyuk needs to relax!

Idol Threats was just another fun addition to the series. I loved being back with the boys of H3RO and can’t wait to see where this new storyline goes!

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