Review: Grown-Up Pose by Sonya Lalli

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Review: Grown-Up Pose by Sonya LalliGrown-Up Pose by Sonya Lalli
Published by Berkley on March 24, 2020
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Chick Lit
Format: eBook (320 pages)
Source: Library
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A delightfully modern look at what happens for a young woman when tradition, dating, and independence collide, from acclaimed author Sonya Lalli.

Adulting shouldn’t be this hard. Especially in your thirties. Having been pressured by her tight-knit community to get married at a young age to her first serious boyfriend, Anu Desai is now on her own again and feels like she is starting from the beginning.

But Anu doesn’t have time to start over. Telling her parents that she was separating from her husband was the hardest thing she’s ever done—and she’s still dealing with the fallout. She has her young daughter to support and when she invests all of her savings into running her own yoga studio, the feelings of irresponsibility send Anu reeling. She’ll be forced to look inside herself to learn what she truly wants.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains an overdose and possible suicide attempt.

The Basics:

Grown-Up Pose is all about Anu, a thirty-year-old woman who is sick of being the responsible good girl who only takes care of her family. She doesn’t want to become her mother or mother-in-law or any typical, Indian housewife. She’s been separated from her husband for a year, dating a new man, and found a nice yoga studio. But Anu needs to find herself.

My Thoughts:

Grown-Up Pose simply made me happy. The book isn’t 100% sunshine and rainbows (that CW, obviously) but I could relate so hard to Anu. I may not be married or a mother or Indian, but we’re both thirty and still finding our way. And we both love yoga and played with the possibility of yoga teacher training and traveling the world attending yoga retreats! But most importantly, we’re adults who aren’t quite grown-up, whatever that means.

Grown-Up Pose is a personal journey for Anu and I was glad I got to take it with her. She’s having trouble with dating. Experiencing her first one-night stand and venture into online dating, and also reconciling her lingering feelings for her husband. She’s also learning to stand up to her mother-in-law and own parents, something that simply isn’t done in her culture. And she’s finally realizing her long lost dream of opening a yoga studio. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s a necessary one.

I also adored seeing Anu’s friendships. The old and the new. She has two best friends, Jenny and Monica, who are there for her through everything. Sometimes they tell her things that she doesn’t want to hear but needs to. She also makes a new friend in Imogen, who works at the yoga studio Anu winds up purchasing. Imogen is a troubled young woman, and I’m glad that Anu didn’t let their age difference get in the way of being there for her when she desperately needed it.

I just really enjoyed Grown-Up Pose. This is the kind of Women’s Fiction that I love. It didn’t feel pretentious or boring or overly privileged. Anu is facing real problems that anyone can relate to. We’ve all had a time where we questioned what the heck we’re doing with our lives. Of course, not all of us have left our husband and jumped a last minute flight to London either.

Quotes from Grown-Up Pose:

She wanted to be free to do what, exactly? Live life on her own terms? Be the sort of woman she admired or was even envious of? (page 83)

What she had a problem with was studios like Blissed Out that packaged up all yoga like it was a good workout class or some sort of hipster status symbol. (page 150)

“You live, you learn, and you move on.” (page 218)

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    I love it when a character really resonates with me. Sounds like a nice ‘finding yourself’ story.

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