Review: Flor’s Fiasco (Icehome, #16) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Flor’s Fiasco (Icehome, #16) by Ruby DixonFlor's Fiasco (Icehome #16) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on August 28, 2022
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (260 pages)
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I'm not supposed to resonate to him.

It's been a few years since I've landed here on Icehome Beach, and as resonance after resonance dwindled the list of bachelors, I knew who I'd end up with. As soon as we got past our differences, I'd end up as R'jaal's mate.

On an everyday excursion, however, my khui decides otherwise. It sings all right...but not to R'jaal. Instead, I resonate to I'rec - the forceful, brash, overly-alpha leader of Shadow Cat. Did I mention he's got a long-distance girlfriend already?

It's a big mess, and it's about to get messier.

But as things get chaotic on the beach and our way of life is threatened with upheaval, it's the small things that end up mattering. Small things like the way I'rec kisses. Or the way we seem to have a lot more in common than we thought. Or the way I'rec can be gentle, but only with me...


Flor’s Fiasco was a weird one for me. I’m always excited for a new book, and I always enjoy being on Not-Hoth, so that’s not a problem. It just wasn’t a very consistent read. When it starts, Flor is kind of avoiding R’jaal, which is understandable after he had rejected her proposition to be pleasure mates (he’s waiting for resonance). Only now, he seems to have changed his mind after four years of nothing. Flor is not about to just crawl back to him, but also resonance hits…with I’rec! I’rec has been “dating” Tia through letters, so this situation seems all wrong!

Of course, we know that resonance is never wrong. Flor believes it’s a curse, since I’rec is not meant for her. The curse angle was interesting, as we now know that Flor is pretty superstitious. It just doesn’t amount to anything in the end. It seemed more like she was just pushing I’rec away because she believed he only wanted her due to resonance. They were good friends previously, so it’s not too much of a stretch for them to be blind to what’s right in front of them. I adored them together, but Flor’s back-and-forth felt repetitive and got old really fast. I understood her hesitance, and it’s not the first time this has happened, but she was sooo stuck on it!

The second half of Flor’s Fiasco was much better! I knew something big had to be coming as we’re at the end of this series. I admit, I didn’t expect this to be the final book though! What about Tia and R’jaal! Well, they’ll be part of the following series, because something major happens here. We already got some hints that something wasn’t right about the fruit cave, and in this book we see that’s definitely true. But what is it?! On top of that…well…spoilers. Although I’m sure you can guess what that is, since we’re starting a whole other series and thusly need new faces.

I enjoyed Flor’s Fiasco overall. It was just kind of messy. It also ends quite suddenly. There’s no real closure to Flor and I’rec. They’re helping the new arrivals, have some sex, and epilogue time! And then everything is just peachy keen. Alright then. I’m definitely looking forward to the new books though!

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