Review: Fire in His Spirit (Fireblood Dragon, #5) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Fire in His Spirit (Fireblood Dragon, #5) by Ruby DixonFire in His Spirit (Fireblood Dragon #5) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on July 11, 2018
Genres: Adult Fiction, Dystopia, Paranormal, Romance
Format: eBook (368 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Gwen’s never wanted to be a leader, but when no one else stepped up, she took on the role. As the mayor of post-apocalyptic Shreveport, she’s made decisions to protect her people…and most of them have backfired disastrously. When she discovers that the dangerous gold dragon lurking outside of the fort has decided she’s his mate, heartsick Gwen thinks that the best thing she can do is confront him and take him far away from the city.

She does this to save her people - her sister, her friends, her fort.

She doesn’t expect to understand the dragon.

She certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains violence, death, gore, and mentions of kidnapping, rape, and slavery.

The Basics:

Fire in His Spirit is the fifth book of the series and picks up immediately where the previous book left off. The first few chapters are happening concurrently to settle us into Gwen’s POV. Gwen is the reluctant mayor of Fort Shreveport and the reluctant mate of Vaan, a drakoni who can’t retain any new memories. Even ones of his new mate…

My Thoughts:

I was excited for Fire in His Spirit because the end of the previous book hinted that Gwen knew more about the dragon lingering around her home than she let on. When it opens, she and her best friend, Andrea, actually believe that Vaan is there for Andrea! The two leave the safety of the fort to meet with him so Andrea can get the mental link and bring him to their side. Obviously that is not at all what happens. Vaan is there for Gwen! Duh.

I have to start out by saying that I didn’t really care for Gwen at all. We already know that she doesn’t want to be in charge, but felt like she had to when no one else stepped up. Well, she spends most of Fire in His Spirit lamenting this fact. Over and over and over again. She ruins everything she touches! She can’t do anything right! Everything she does fails! She can’t mate with Vaan because she’ll screw him up!

That last point was extremely frustrating. I totally get that nothing has been going right for Gwen since she found Fort Shreveport. But she went after Vaan for the sole purpose of connecting with him so that she could speak to him and have him protect her home. Then spends 70% of the book wishing she could communicate with him when Amy already filled her and Andrea in on all the details. Which is why she went looking for him! Um, girl, you know what you need to do, you said you were going to do it, but then you refuse to do it because you’ll screw him up? I don’t get it. I think this was a failed attempt at trying a slow burn romance rather than the insta-lust that’s been going on.

However, I did enjoy Fire in His Spirit overall thanks to the rest of the cast. I really liked Vaan. He’s the worst off of the drakoni so far, as he has to be told things many many times before they stick. He even forgets Gwen several times, which was an interesting departure from the 100% commitment of the other men. Mara is a new character and I found myself quite intrigued by her. I was thankful for a character who just says what needs to be said and gets down to business!

Fire in His Spirit further develops the overarching plot with Azar, the Salorian. He’s back but not in the way you’d expect. Something big is going on, or so he says. Is this a trap? Is he telling the truth? What is fracturing the worlds and what’s coming in next?! When do we get his book?!

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