Review: Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent

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Review: Every Single Lie by Rachel VincentEvery Single Lie by Rachel Vincent
Published by Bloomsbury YA on January 12, 2021
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery
Format: eBook (324 pages)
Source: Library
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In this gripping YA novel about social media bullying and half-truths, one girl's discovery of a dead baby in her high school locker room rocks an entire community.

Nobody in Beckett's life seems to be telling the whole story. Her boyfriend Jake keeps hiding texts and might be cheating on her. Her father lied about losing his job before his shocking death. And everyone in school seems to be whispering about her and her family behind her back.

But none of that compares to the day Beckett finds the body of a newborn baby in a gym bag-Jake's gym bag -on the floor of her high school locker room. As word leaks out, rumors that Beckett's the mother take off like wildfire in a town all too ready to believe the worst of her. And as the police investigation unfolds, she discovers that everyone has a secret to hide and the truth could alter everything she thought she knew.


Proceed With Caution:

The book contains a dead baby, discussions of drug abuse, suicide, PTSD, and death threats.

The Basics:

Every Single Lie is about sixteen-year-old Beckett who has just found a dead baby in her school’s locker-room. It doesn’t take long for the story to hit social media, where everyone points fingers to Beckett as the mother. She knows the baby isn’t hers, but whose is it? Why is everyone so quick to accuse her? Does this have anything to do with her father’s recent suicide which coincides with the timing of the pregnancy?

My Thoughts:

Every Single Lie blew my mind. I had to read it straight through and was rambling to my mom about what was going on and my theories. I just had to know! This book definitely preys on readers’ sick sense of morbid curiosity. How can you turn away from a dead baby found in a high school shower?! I don’t even like kids and I was fully invested as this small town rallied together to get “justice” for Lullaby Doe.

Every Single Lie starts out with Beckett breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s car after dumping him. After a near run-in with this teammates, she ducks into the closed locker room to hide and that is where she sees blood and follows it to a duffel bag cradling a newborn baby. She does the right thing by getting a teacher to call 911, but no one else was around or saw anything. Everyone knows something is off about Beckett’s family, so of course she’s trying to coverup that she hid a pregnancy and killed her baby!

Things very quickly spiral out of control thanks to Twitter. I’m sure we all know how that goes. From there, I was completely hooked. Where is this account getting their information? Is it someone Beckett knows? Is it Beckett?! I would not have been surprised with an unreliable narrator situation, because there were plenty of red flags in Becket’s story. I’ll admit that she was my #1 suspect (my mom said the baby was the mom’s). No one can be trusted! Everyone seemed to have their own motivations for wanting to find out the truth behind Lullaby Doe’s death.

Even though this wasn’t a romance, I really enjoyed Beckett and Jake’s relationship. They had super believable problems. It wasn’t some super amped up drama to distract us from the bigger picture. He’s acting suspiciously, hiding his phone and being evasive, so Beckett thinks he’s cheating. Sounds legit. Of course, she also has to suspect him of being the baby’s father, but the evidence was pretty damning. However, Jake is a nice guy. Despite his own involvement with this situation, he was there for Beckett when she needed someone. I was rooting for them!

I just loved Every Single Lie. I flew through it because I just had to know WTF was going on! Mind blown.

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    Sounds riveting and the type that one dwells on when not reading. I’ll have to add this one to the list. 🙂

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